Submit your Georgia Film to the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival

The Georgia Film category is for any feature or short film completed either partially or entirely in Georgia from a director who resides in the state of Georgia. As part of the Atlanta Film Society's initiative to support the local industry, this category's fee is subsidized—just $20 across all four deadlines. 

Submitting to this category requires a password. If your film meets the above criteria, email If you submit to this category, your film will be eligible for the Georgia Film Award as well as any other juried categories that we may deem appropriate. If you submit in this category without meeting the necessary criteria, you will be disqualified from consideration into the festival and will not be issued a refund.

Accepted submissions are eligible for selection into The Georgia Film Jury Award competition. If eligible for additional categories, the film may be selected for consideration for additional awards. In other words, a Georgia-filmed narrative feature from a Georgia-based director can qualify for both the Georgia Film Jury Award and the Best Narrative Feature Jury Award if selected. The Georgia Film Jury Award includes a $1,000 cash prize.

Interested in having your business or organization sponsor the Georgia Film category and award? Contact us!

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