If you've tried to purchase tickets, or claim an RSVP, to a screening that has run out of advance tickets, don't fret! Tickets may still become available at the door, at the time of the screening. 

We reserve seats for our festival badge-holders, cast and crew, and press; however, a health portion of these seats tend to go unclaimed. At 5 minutes till the scheduled start time, we'll admit guests from our stand-by line to fill the seats; 90% of the time, our entire stand-by line is admitted. 

If you would like to skip the stand-by line and set yourself up for priority admittance through LINE A (first admitted), you can buy a festival badge; a Film Badge, or higher, buys you entry to all screenings via Line A throughout the entire festival. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to purchase a ticket from the stand-by line, if they become available for purchase, it will be a $12 CASH ONLY TICKET. All other forms of payment may still be processed, but guests with cash will be given priority entry. 

Our stand-by line is LINE C; our festival greeters outside the theater will guide you to the correct line. Arrive early for the best chance at admittance.