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directed by Jennifer Prediger, Jess Weixler
USA, 2014, English, 77 minutes

After their careers as conceptual artists fail to provide a living in Manhattan, Olivia and Nicole flee New York for a new start in Los Angeles. There, the codependent best friends visit Nicole's wealthy aunt, Kimberley, who convinces them to audition for the TV talent competition that she hosts. With nothing to lose, the girls prepare for the competition but find their friendship—and dependency on one another—tested. —Cameron McAllister

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directed by Chip Hiden, Alexis Irvin
USA, 2014, English, 70 minutes

The American craft beer industry is booming like never before. One-and-a-half craft breweries open each day—but far fewer make it to year two. Follow along with in-depth profiles of passionate founders and brewmasters as they struggle to navigate and maintain their place in the industry and in the communities that surround them. —Lucy Doughty

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directed by Mélanie Laurent
France, 2014, French, 91 minutes

Seventeen-year-old Charlie is bright and beautiful, but not without insecurity. When new girl Sarah arrives, Charlie is captured by her charisma and the two strike up a deep friendship. For a time, it seems as though each is what the other has been waiting for. When Sarah tires of Charlie and begins making new friends, their relationship takes a turn for the worse. —Cameron McAllister

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directed by Sofian Khan
USA, 2015, English, 70 minutes

Johnson. Willy. Knob. Whatever you may call it, "The Dickumentary" explores the history and evolution of man's phallic object—the penis. Through interviews with over 40 experts and across 14 countries, this documentary will reveal everything you have ever wanted to know about the penis, from penile worship to penile enlargement. —Calvin Su

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directed by Robert Machoian, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
USA, 2015, English, 92 minutes

An often overwhelmed teenager (Harper Graham) tends to the needs of her four younger brothers, all of whom spend the day challenging each other in games of strength and burgeoning masculinity. All the while, Hannah is searching and waiting for the parent who is missing in action. Deftly walking the tightrope between documentary and narrative filmmaking, "God Bless the Child" gives us a keenly real sense of the joys, and the burden, of raising a family with little support financially or emotionally. —Dean Treadway
Winner of ATLFF '15 Narrative Feature Jury Prize

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directed by Salomé Breziner
USA, 2014, English, 81 minutes

Teenager Lloyd Cooper's mother Maggie (Nia Vardalos) thinks it would be "really cool" to have a gay son. In her enthusiastic, hypersupportive openmindedness, she outs him to his entire high school, matchmakes him with boys his age, and fills out his application for a gay student scholarship. There's just one wrench in her grand plan: Lloyd's not sure he's gay to begin with. —Lucy Doughty

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directed by Brett Haley
USA, 2015, English, 92 minutes

A sudden loss disrupts Carol’s orderly life, propelling the retired schoolteacher and longtime widow into the dating world. Finally living in the present tense, she finds herself swept up in two unexpected relationships that challenge her assumptions about what it means to get old. Starring Blythe Danner, Sam Elliott, Malin Akerman, and June Squibb, this heartfelt drama explores the nature of grief and the love to be found in its aftermath. —Lucy Doughty

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directed by Danielle Bernstein
USA/Uganda, 2015, English, 75 minutes

Follow Moses and Angel, members of the Grammy-nominated African Children's Choir from Uganda, on their journey to obtaining an education despite extreme poverty. Against the odds, Moses dreams of becoming a pilot and Angel is determined to become the first female President of Uganda. Along with the choir, Moses and Angel travel to different international venues to bring awareness to the importance of education for all children—regardless of the lack of resources—through their love of music. —Jordan Young

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directed by Andrew Berends
USA/Sudan, 2015, Sudanese Arabic, 80 minutes

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011, but civil unrest continues to stir. In the face of government plans to attack the inhabitants of the Nuba Mountains, families flee to South Sudan for refuge, and an eleven-year-old Nuba girl named Madina dreams of the day when the conflict will end and peace will prevail. —Jordan Young

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directed by Russell Sheaffer
USA, 2014, English, 88 minutes

Experimental filmmaker Russell Sheaffer's feature documentary picks up where "Masculinity & Me," his short film starring James Franco, left off. Presented as a series of monologues, stories, and performance pieces by artists, academics, or gender theorists, this collaboration is so raw and diverse that the filmmakers themselves question the constructs of their script much like each participant questions the constructs of today's gender-normative society. —Lucy Doughty

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directed by Alexis Boling
USA, 2014, English, 96 minutes

Kim Getty is settling into her life in Brooklyn. She enjoys her job, she’s met a nice guy and she gets along with her roommate. Kim migrated here from 400 years in the future. It was a one-way ticket to a better life and while it has been an adjustment, Kim is managing. But when she stumbles upon a girl who is also from the future, cracks begin to appear in Kim’s carefully crafted new identity. —Cameron McAllister

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directed by Andrew Bujalski
USA, 2015, English, 105 minutes

Danny (Kevin Corrigan) is a recently divorced, recently rich New Yorker who arrives in Austin, Texas to claim his late mother’s inheritance. When he visits the Power 4 Life gym, owner Trevor (Guy Pearce) interrupts Danny’s newfound lifestyle by assigning him to Kat, Power 4 Life’s most popular and high-strung personal trainer (Colbie Smulders). Their three lives become interwoven both professionally and personally in this wry romantic comedy. —Calvin Su

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directed by Kimberly Levin
USA, 2014, English, 86 minutes

Deep in the rolling hills of Kentucky's verdant farmland, Betty struggles to keep her world from falling apart. Her business is dwindling, her husband's health is deteriorating and they are behind on their mortgage payments. As another year's harvest draws closer, Betty must take desperate measures for the sake of her family.—Cameron McAllister

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directed by Caryn Waechter
USA, 2014, English, 103 minutes

When Emily Parris exposes a secret society of teen girls conducted mysteriously in the woods and accuses them of sexual deviancy, the town of Kingston makes national headlines. While the accused Sisterhood upholds a vow of silence, girls across the country respond to Emily's blog with their own stories of sexual abuse. From the story by Pulitzer Prize-winner Steven Millhauser, "The Sisterhood of Night" chronicles a provocative alternative to adolescent loneliness, revealing the tragedy and humor of teenage years changed forever by the Internet age. —Lucy Doughty

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directed by Nathan Silver
USA, 2014, English, 75 minutes

Robbie, upon learning of his wife's unfaithfulness, takes refuge at his Aunt Carla's house, which doubles as a makeshift home for pregnant teenagers. Taking on handyman jobs around the house, he attracts the attention of some of the girls. He strikes up a friendship with one of them, Nina, and soon finds himself caught in a love triangle between her and her troublesome boyfriend, Chase. —Calvin Su

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directed by Noah Baumbach
USA, 2014, English, 97 minutes

Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play married fortysomethings in Noah Baumbach's latest coming-of-middle-age story. After befriending Darby and Jamie (Amanda Seyfried, Adam Driver), a young and unpredictable Brooklynite-couple, Josh and Cornelia find their marriage and careers upended as they struggle to evaluate the importance of acting their age. —Lucy Doughty

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directed by Frank Hall Green
USA, 2014, English, 104 minutes

Mackenzie, a troubled and daring teenage girl, is sent by her struggling mother to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. When the relationship with her uncle takes a turn for the worse, Mackenzie is forced to try and find her way home, instead winding deeper into the Alaskan interior. Lost and alone, she shadows a loner backpacker, Bartlett, an unlikely father figure with scars of his own. Together, they cross the wilderness and discover sanctuary in the last frontier. —Lucy Doughty

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