Our delightfully eccentric ensemble of visually stunning musical combustions.

Friday, April 13, 2018, 9:30pm ⎯⎯⎯ Paris on Ponce

Don Broco: "Technology" | directed by Benjamin Roberds | USA, 3:51
Don Broco plays a show during a catastrophic alien invasion, to the oblivious attention of the smartphone owner… until their own untimely demise.

Apoc's: "Hurricane Goddamn!"  | directed by Scott Upshur | USA, 6:00
A psychedelic space journey where outlandish characters must battle a dangerous approaching smog planet.

Original Swimming Party: "Biggest Curse" | directed by Amy Allais | South Africa, 5:04
Who gets to eat the cake, and who doesn't.

Surfer Blood: “Taking Care of Eddy”  | directed by Sachio Cook & Niko Guardia | Japan & USA, 3:29
A pair of mysterious friends are running around a suburban town late at night exterminating creatures known as Eddies.

Strangers (Feat. "Pressure" by Milk & Bone) | directed by Eve Duhamel & Julien Vallee | Canada, 3:16
The surreal stories of characters moving around in the same space in a complex choreography of interlaced paths.

Casey Benjamin: "Dig"  | directed by Video Rahim | USA, 4:01
A group of women seek revenge against a man who has scorned them.

K.R.U.S.H.: "No Fucks Given"  | directed by Brit Wigintton | USA, 3:25
He used to give a shit.

The Invisible Man: “Let Me Ride” | directed by Francesca Mirabella | USA, 4:48
A man on his last breaths re-lives the final day of his life and his feelings about living in society through dance.

Meinschaft: "The Midday Sun At Midnight" | directed by Haoyan of America | USA, 6:15
Avatars and daemons coalesce in an eternal dance for power on virtual playgrounds.

Dizzee Rascal: "Bop N Keep It Dippin"  | directed by Romain Chassaing | UK/France, 6:13
Dizzee Rascal is a an English gang leader not to be messed with.

DEDSA: "Annihilation" | directed by Robbie Ward | USA, 6:17
A mysterious band of musicians travel through a foggy, desolate landscape and arrive at a decrepit medieval city.

Ben Burden: "White Lighters" | directed by Zelda June | USA, 2:00

LUNICE: "Distrust” feat. Denzel Curry, J.K. the Reaper and Nell | directed by Sam Rolfes | USA, 3:04
Choked and pinned with glowing scraps of regressive netscum, a body thrashes and steps through the digital visual violence as a familiar green figure hangs splayed, pierced by a spear, entrails out, while Denzel Curry and Lunice Facetime in to watch.

Tom Rosenthal: "Oh No Pedro" | directed by Annlin Chao | UK, 3:26
A story of a young man who has lost his words, his thoughts, and his gender identity.

Porter: "La China" | directed by Jorge G. Camarena | Mexico, 5:11
The transformation of a woman (La China) and her path – a multi-generation evolution that interconnects and complements each other.

Ty Segall: "Break a Guitar" directed by Matt Yoka | USA, 4:27
A journey through the mind of Ty Segall.