Kick back with a show of engaging and lovingly offbeat episodic programs.

Monday, April 16, 2018, 6:00pm — Dad’s Garage
$12 at door/$10 in advance

The Midnight Service - Home Invasion | directed by Brett Potter & Dean Colin Marcial, USA, 7:13
A broke Miami comedian's retreat into the Everglades is interrupted by an uninvited visitor.

The Rick and Stanley Show  | directed by Mike Lars White, USA, 7:00
Two men in a beat-up car discuss love, sex, Kenny G, and potato guns.

Hug It Out | directed by Jason Eksuzian, USA, 7:17
Gwen, recently-divorced with longstanding intimacy issues, becomes a professional snuggler in L.A. to make ends meet.

Limits | directed by Kevon Pryce, USA, 17:40
How not to maintain a relationship in the social media era.

2 Kawaii 4 Comfort  | directed by Luke Palmer & John Bickerstaff, USA, 23:17
5 emotionally stunted anime fans are forced to confront everything they are hiding from at the one convention where they go to escape reality

Manic | directed by Kate Marks, USA, 17:02
An Ivy-league bound, overachieving teen is derailed after a manic episode lands her in a school for kids with mental illness.