What is a C-Ticket and How Does it Work?

Companion Tickets, or C-Tickets, come with all purchased ATLFF passes in the following denominations: 

  • All-Access: (10) C-Tickets
  • Film & Conference: (6) C-Tickets
  • Weekend 1 or 2: (4) C-Tickets
  • Film: (2) Tickets

These tickets are provided to pass-holders so that they may bring a plus one to regular screenings (anything at the $10 level), Creative Conference panels, and the Goat Farm's Sound + Vision event.

This means that higher priced screenings, such as opening/closing night films and Food on Film, are not included; nor are parties.  

While you're given several companion tickets, you may only bring one with you into Line A, at once. We have to be fair to the other pass-holders, after all, who want to attend and bring a companion as well! We wish we could fit everyone in!

You do have the option of gifting your companion tickets to others to use on their own, as well. Without a Line A pass-holder to attend with, however, they will enter screenings via Line C; seated at showtime if there's availability in the theatre.