ATLFF Filmmaker Tom Gasek Masters the Mix-and-Match Questionnaire

Complete this sentence: "If you liked _________ or _________, you'll love my film."

Flipper or Jacque Cousteau specials. 

Is your film for cat people or dog people? Why?

It's for FISH people (for obvious reasons)

What's the most challenging part of making a film for you? Do you enjoy the challenge or is it something to be avoided?

Staying on course and completing the film. I enjoy the challenge and find little distractions related to the film to keep me engaged.

Of the filmmakers working today, whose talent do you want to steal?

 Jan Svankmajer

Name three films you consider underappreciated and explain their hidden genius.

"Toys in Attic" (Jiri Barta) - It's textural, terrifying and touching.

"Song of the Sea" (Tomm Moore) - visually stunning, great movement and the "selkie myth"

"George Stevens- D Day to Berlin" (George Stevens Jr.) - great history (WW2) - amazing color - great anti-war statement

What are your three favorite ways to eat potatoes?

in my mouth

Tom's film, "Ain't No Fish," screens in the Saturday Morning Cartoons animated short film block on Saturday, March 21st at 11:00am in The Plaza Theatre. You still have time to reserve your seat!