All-Access and Film & Conference Pass Holders: RSVP Now To Secure Your Seat For Opening Night

It's a fact of film festival life: Opening Night is a big deal, and there are more Pass holders than there are seats to put them in. So if you wanna see the Opening Night film Joe and you wanna see Mr. David Gordon Green talk about the movie, you better RSVP. The link is right here. And here. And hey, how about here too?

See Nic Cage up there? He looks pretty serious. That's how serious we are about you reserving your Opening Night seats with an RSVP.

Now that doesn't mean that there won't be people who RSVP and then pull a no-show. There are always plenty of those. So if you feel like taking a risk, come on down on opening night without an RSVP with an All-Access, Opening Weekend, or Film & Conference Pass around your neck and we'll release seats to Pass holders on a first-come basis right before showtime. 

If you don't have a Pass with Opening Night privileges, now is the time to get one. You can buy individual tickets to Joe too

(Please note that a MovieHopper Card is not a Pass and does not include admission to Opening or Closing Night films. The only Passes that include Opening and Closing Night Admission are All-Access, Film & Conference, and Opening Weekend Passes.)