A Shadow of Blue    Carlos Lascano            Animated Short

Abuelas    Afarin Eghbal            Animated Short

 Bon Voyage    Fabio Friedli            Animated Short

 Brad and Gary    Pierre Coffin            Animated Short

 Camera Obscura    Marta Maia            Animated Short

 Escape of the GIngerbread Man!!    Tod Polson            Animated Short

 Fisher    Yoram Benz            Animated Short

 Fossil Tears    Nahomi Maki            Animated Short

 Isle of Spagg    Greg Mcleod Myles Mcleod            Animated Short

 Let's Dance    John Alan Thompson            Animated Short

 Live Outside the Box    Shu-Hsuan Lin            Animated Short

 Lost and Found    Lee Crowe            Animated Short

 Mahahula The Giant Rodent of Happiness    Nomint Motion Design            Animated Short

 My Home    Cal Waller, Karabo Legwaila, Victor Garcia, Solomon Nero, Peter Hale            Animated Short

 Noblesse Oblige    Erin Burke            Animated Short

 Orange A" Desespoir    John Banana            Animated Short

 Rising Hope    Milen Vitanov            Animated Short

 Shape    Eusong Lee            Animated Short

 Telly     Evan Mather            Animated Short

 Thank You    Pendelton Ward, Thomas Herpich            Animated Short

 The Bird Upstairs    Christopher Jarvis            Animated Short

 The Goods    Lars Jandel            Animated Short

 The Greek Crisis Explained    Nomint Motion Design            Animated Short

 The Hungry Boy    Cem Kurtulus, Jake Nelson            Animated Short

 The Itch of the Golden Nit    Sarah Cox            Animated Short

 The Jockstrap Raiders    Mark Nelson            Animated Short

 The Maker    Christopher Kezelos            Animated Short

 The Man with the Stolen Heart    Charlotte Boulay-Goldsmith            Animated Short

 Wiggle Room    Joe Schenkenberg            Animated Short

 Brooklyn Castle    Katie Dellamaggiore    USA    2012    Documentary Competition

 Coal Rush    Fillippo Piscopo, Lorena Luciano    USA    2011    Documentary Competition

 Code 2600    Jeremey Zerechak    USA    2011    Documentary Competition

 Danland    Alexandra Berger    USA    2011    Documentary Competition

 Her Master's Voice    Nina Conti    UK    2012    Documentary Competition

 I Want My Name Back    Roger Paradiso    USA    2011    Documentary Competition

 This Ain't California    Marten Persiel    Germany    2011    Documentary Competition

 Trash Dance    Andrew Garrison    USA     2012    Documentary Competition

 A People Uncounted    Aaron Yeger    Canada    2011    Documentary Feature

 AKA Blondie    Jon Watts    USA    2012    Documentary Feature

 All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert    Vivian Ducat    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Beauty is Embarrassing    Neil Berkeley    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Bonsai People- The Vision of Muhammad Yunus    Holly Mosher    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Derby, Baby!    Robin Bond, Dave Wruck    USA    2012    Documentary Feature

 Diary of a Decade: Story of a Movement    Jason Orr    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the 70's    Mike Malloy    USA    2012    Documentary Feature

 Family of the Wa'a    Alyssa Fedele    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Flat Daddy    Nara Garber    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Girl Model    David REdmon, A. Sabin    USA     2011    Documentary Feature

 Hurry Up and Wait    Justin Malone    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 In Organic We Trust    Robert Kiplin Pastor    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Marley    Kevin Macdonald    UK, USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Not Yet Begun to Fight    Sabrina Lee    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Rap Arabe    Bachir Bensaddek    Canada    2011    Documentary Feature

 Roadmap to Apartheid    Ana Nogueira    USA    2001    Documentary Feature

 Scenes From a Crime    Grover Babcock    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Sixty in 60    Ronnie Cramer    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Street Dogs of South Central    Bill Marin    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 The Booker    Michael Perkins    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 The Co(te)lette Film    Mike Figgis    UK    2011    Documentary Feature

 The Girls in the Band    Judy Chalkin    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 The Last Reef    Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Up Heartbreak Hill     Erica Scharf    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Without a Net    Kelly J. Richardson    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Among Giants    Chris Cresci, Ben Mullinkosson, Sam Price-Waldman            Documentary Short

 An American Mosque    David Washburn            Documentary Short

 Ik Ben Echt Niet Bang!    Willem Baptist            Documentary Short

 King's Point    Sari Gilman            Documentary Short

 Saloon    Tom Pietrasik            Documentary Short

 Slow Cadence    Stefani Byrd, Wes Eastin            Documentary Short

 The Barber of Birmingham: Footsoldier of the Civil Rights Movement    Robyn Friday, Judith Helfand            Documentary Short

 The Capital Buzz    Diana El-Osta            Documentary Short

 The Sugar Bowl    Shasha Nakhai, Rich Williamson            Documentary Short

 Wounded Warrior: Resilience    jay Lavender            Documentary Short

 724 14th Street    Ching Yi Tseng            Experimental Short

 Disks of Newtown    Michael Betancourt            Experimental Short

 Fanfare for Marching Band    DAniele Wilmouth            Experimental Short

 Follow the Sun!    MK12            Experimental Short

 Goodbye Pig    Anna Geyer            Experimental Short

 Hew     Laurie Tsou            Experimental Short

 Let's Get Ostrac1zed I Attack.Silence    Anna Spence            Experimental Short

 Memory Lapse    Anna Spence            Experimental Short

 My Mother the Flatiron    Lewis Smithingham            Experimental Short

 No Contract    Randall Okita            Experimental Short

 One    Michael Betancourt            Experimental Short

 Pisces of an Unconsious Mind    Gleb Osatinski            Experimental Short

 Pumping    Joel Tauber            Experimental Short

 S.W.I.M.    Matt Brunson            Experimental Short

 A Little Bit Zombie    Casey Walker    Canada    2011    Narrative Competition

 Last Kind Words    Kevin Barker    USA    2011    Narrative Competition

 OK, Good    Daniel Martinico    USA    2012    Narrative Competition

 Speechless (Sin Palabras)    Ana Sofia Osorio, Diego Bustamante    Colombia    2012    Narrative Competition

 That's What She Said    Carrie Preston    USA    2011    Narrative Competition

 The Clown (O Palhacao)    Selton Mello    Brazil    2011    Narrative Competition

 The Invader (L'Envahisseur)    Nicolas Provost    Belgium    2011    Narrative Competition

 The Last Fall    Matthew Cherry    USA    2011    Narrative Competition

 Touch    Minh Duc Nguyen    USA    2011    Narrative Competition

 Welcome to Pine Hill    Keith Miller    USA    2011    Narrative Competition

 All Your Dead Ones (todos Tus Muertos)    Carlos Moreno    Colombia    2011    Narrative Feature

 American Translation    Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr    France    2011    Narrative Feature

 Boy    Taika Waiti    New Zealand    2010    Narrative Feature

 Cinema Holdup (Asalto Al Cine)    Iria Gomez Concheiro    Mexico    2011    Narrative Feature

 Compliance    Craig Zobel    USA    2012    Narrative Feature

 Generation P    Victor GInzburg    Russia    2011    Narrative Feature

 God Bless America    Bobcat Goldthwait    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 I Think It's Raining    Joshua Moore    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 In the Hive    Robert Townsend    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy    Rob Heydon    Canada    2011    Narrative Feature

 Lucky    Avie Luthra    South Africa    2011    Narrative Feature

 Monsieur Lazhar    Philippe Falardeau    Canada    2011    Narrative Feature

 Musical Chairs    Susan Seidelman    USA     2012    Narrative Feature

 My Last Day Without You    Stefan Schaefer    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies    Michel Havanavicius    USA    2006    Narrative Feature

 Pig    Henry Barrial    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Salt (Sal)    Diego Rougier    Argentina    2011    Narrative Feature

 See Girl Run    Nate Meyer    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Shuffle    Kurt Kuenne    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Slumber Party Slaughter    Rebekah Chaney    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Small, Beautifully Moving Parts    Annie Howell    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Sweet Old World    David Zeiger    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 The Ways of Wine (El Camino Del Vino)    Nicolas Carreras    Argentina    2010    Narrative Feature

 The Woman in the Fifth    Pawel Pawlikowski    Poland    2011    Narrative Feature

 Tilt    Viktor Chouchkov    Bulgaria, Germany    2010    Narrative Feature

 V/H/S    Adam Wingard, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, David Bruckner, Joe Swanberg, Ti West    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 West is West    Andy De Emmony    UK    2010    Narrative Feature

 Will    Ellen Perry    UK    2011    Narrative Feature

 4:00 a.m.    Chris tsambis            Narrative Short

 A Chjana    Jonas Carpignano            Narrative Short

 A Hard Day's Pay    Puja Chaudari            Narrative Short

 Another Bullet Dodged    Landon Zakheim            Narrative Short

 Catharsis    Cedric Prevost            Narrative Short

 Centrifuge Brain Project    Till Nowak            Narrative Short

 Crossing    Gina Atwater            Narrative Short

 Dark Companion    Darrell C. Hazelrig            Narrative Short

 Detour    Takashi Doscher            Narrative Short

 Dog Sitting    Sara Verhagen            Narrative Short

 Egg in a Pig's Ear    Jiyoung Lee            Narrative Short

 Ellie    Chris Dundon            Narrative Short

 Father/Son    Bryan Reisberg            Narrative Short

 Five Stages of Grief    Jessica Brickman            Narrative Short

 Grenouille D'Hiver (Winter Frog)    Slony Snow            Narrative Short

 Holy Moly    Christopher Good            Narrative Short

 Homecoming    Gursimran Sandhu            Narrative Short

 Incest the Musical    Grant Reed            Narrative Short

 Jackie    Tamika R. Guishard            Narrative Short

 L-Train    Anna Musso            Narrative Short

 Last Words of the Holy Ghost    Ben Sharony            Narrative Short

 Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke    Jillian Mayer            Narrative Short

 Little Horses    Levi Abrino            Narrative Short

 Los Angeles 10101-3 a.m.    David Heinz            Narrative Short

 Manhattan Melody    Sasha Gordon            Narrative Short

 Meeting Daddy    Rebecca Rycroft            Narrative Short

 Method    Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong            Narrative Short

 My Good Fortune    David Marshall SIlverman            Narrative Short

 Narcocorrido    Ryan Prows            Narrative Short

 Pass the Salt, Please    Tobi Aremu            Narrative Short

 Rockaway    Melanie Schiele            Narrative Short

 Rule Number Three    Tom Ludla            Narrative Short

 Terminus    Solomon Chase            Narrative Short

 The Dining    Ethan Kuperberg            Narrative Short

 The Isis    Andrew Saunders            Narrative Short

 The Tombs    Jerry Lamothe            Narrative Short

 Tooty's Wedding    Frederic Casella            Narrative Short

 Triasumite Whirled Cup Race    Steven K. Greer            Narrative Short

 Voiceover    Ed Dyson            Narrative Short

 Zoltan: The Hungarian Gangster of Love    Justin Reardon            Narrative Short

 Glitterboys and Ganglands    Lauren Beukes    South Africa    2011    Pink Peach Documentary Feature

 The Grove    Andy Abrahams Wilson    USA    2011    Pink Peach Documentary Feature

 Half-Share    Sean Hanley, Jesse Archer            Pink Peach Documentary Short

 Hatch    Christoph Kusching            Pink Peach Documentary Short

 Pride    Marc Satarelli            Pink Peach Documentary Short

 The Maiden and the Princess    Ali Scher            Pink Peach Documentary Short

 The Men's Room    Jane Pickett            Pink Peach Documentary Short

 Time For a Change    James Cunningham            Pink Peach Documentary Short

 Cloudburst    Thom Fitzgerald    Canada    2011    Pink Peach Narrative Feature

 Keep the Lights On    Ira Sachs    USA     2012    Pink Peach Narrative Feature

 My Best Day    Erin Greenwell    USA     2012    Pink Peach Narrative Feature

 Varla Jean and the Mushroom Heads    Ben Loeterman    USA     2011    Pink Peach Narrative Feature

 Mississippi: I am     Katherine Linton, Harriet Hirshorn            Pink Peach Narrative Short

 Queen-tessential    Jenna Brandi            Pink Peach Narrative Short

 Sirens Call    Andi Behring            Pink Peach Narrative Short

[/acc_item] [acc_item title="2011 Atlanta Film Festival"]A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation    Stefan Leuchtenberg            Animated Short

 Birdboy    Pedro Rivero            Animated Short

 Chief Serenbe    Evan Curtis            Animated Short

 Denmark    Daniel Fickle            Animated Short

 Eye of the Storm    Christopher Alender            Animated Short

 Grandpa Looked Like William Powell    David Levy            Animated Short

 Paths of Hate    Damian Nenow            Animated Short

 Polo's Robot    Peter Lowey            Animated Short

 Sketchi    Lily Sun            Animated Short

 The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln    Drew Christie            Animated Short

 The Renter    Jason CArpenter            Animated Short

 The Wonder Hospital    Beomsik Shimbo Shim            Animated Short

 A Family Portrait    Joseph Pierce    UK        BBC America Short Films Program Bunce    Peter Cattaneo    UK        BBC America Short Films Program Capturing Santa    Peter Cattaneo    UK        BBC America Short Films Program Car Park Babylon    Bill Bailey, Joe Magee    UK        BBC America Short Films Program Extraordinary Feats of the Seventh Period    Soham Mehta    UK        BBC America Short Films Program Noreen    Domhnall Gleeson    UK        BBC America Short Films Program Steve    Rupert Friend    UK        BBC America Short Films Program An African Election    Jarreth Merz    USA/Switzerland    2010    Documentary Competition

 Disabled But Able to Rock    Blake Myers    USA    2010    Documentary Competition

 Eleanore and the Time Keeper    Daniele Wilmouth    USA    2010    Documentary Competition

 Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone    Lev Anderson, Chris Metzler    USA     2010    Documentary Competition

 Hot Coffee    Susan Saladoff    USA    2010    Documentary Competition

 I Am    Sonali Gulati    USA/India    2011    Documentary Competition

 Presspauseplay    Victor Kohler, David Dworsky    Sweden    2011    Documentary Competition

 The Pruitt-Igoe Myth    Chad Freidrichs    USA    2011    Documentary Competition

 Barbershop Punk    Georgia Archer, Kristin Armfield    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Beatboxing- The Fifth Element of Hip Hop    Klaus Schneyder    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Beijing Taxi    Miao Wang    China/Australia    2010    Documentary Feature

 Blank City    Celine Danhier    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Bouncing Cats    Nabil Elderkin    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Breaking and Entering    Benjamin Fingerhut    USA/Canada/China/Norway    2011    Documentary Feature

 Cleanfix    Andrew James    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Current TV Presents Vanguard    Jim Fraenkel, Ocean MacAdams, Adam Yanaguchi    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Get Real! Wise Women Speak    Joni Steele Kimberlin    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Happy    Roko Belic    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Just Like Us    Ahmed Ahmed    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Late Rounders    Evan A. Marshall    USA     2010    Documentary Feature

 Miss Representation    Jennifer Siebel Newsom    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 My Perestroika    Robin Hessman    USA/UK/Russia    2010    Documentary Feature

 One Lucky Elephant    Lisa Leeman    USA     2010    Documentary Feature

 Page One: Inside the New York Times    Andrew Rossi    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Pigskin and Magnolias: 12 Days of Fandom    Josh Locklair    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold    Morgan Spurlock    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Rejoice and Shout    Don McGlynn    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Starting at the Finish Line: The Coach Buehler Story    Amy E. Unell    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 The Start of Dreams    The Horne Brothers    USA    2011    Documentary Feature

 Thievery Corporation: Live at the 9:30 Club    Joylon Hoff    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 What's the Name of the Dame?    Allan Neuwirth    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 World Peace and Other 4th Grade Acheivements    Chris Farina    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Bye     Anthony Morrison            Documentary Short

 Grounded by Reality    Elizabeth Strickler, Pheobe Brown            Documentary Short

 Just About Famous    Jason Kovacsev, Matt Mamula            Documentary Short

 Little Mom    Maria Fortiz-Morse            Documentary Short

 Missed Connections    Mary Robertson            Documentary Short

 Mountain Man    Alexandra Sanatoro, Celeste Giaimo, Jonathan Formica, MJ Lat            Documentary Short

 Seen Also in Men    Velissa Robinson            Documentary Short

 The Dancer    Seth Stark            Documentary Short

 Three Walls    Zaheed Mawani            Documentary Short

 Videosyncracy    Nadia Nikolic Bowen, Lulu Hansen            Documentary Short

 VMC vs. The Radio Star    Tom Roche            Documentary Short

 Old Goats    Taylor Guterson    USA    2010    Narrative Competition

 Pleasant People    David Bonawits    USA    2011    Narrative Competition

 Prairie Love    Dusty Bias    USA    2010    Narrative Competition

 Sahkanaga    John Henry Summerour    USA    2011    Narrative Competition

 Stranger Things    Eleanor Burke, Ron Eyal    USA    2010    Narrative Competition

 Without    Mark Jackson    USA    2011    Narrative Competition

 Africa United    Debs Gardner-Patterson    UK    2010    Narrative Feature

 Another Earth    Mike Cahill    USA    2010    Narrative Feature

 As If I Am Not There    Juanita Wilson    Ireland/Sweden    2010    Narrative Feature

 Black, White, and Blues    Mario Van Peebles    USA    2010    Narrative Feature

 Coming Up Roses    Lisa Albright    USA    2010    Narrative Feature

 Der Sandmann    Peter Luisi    Switzerland    2011    Narrative Feature

 Fifty-Nothing    Thomas Johnston    USA     2011    Narrative Feature

 Incendies    Denis Villeneuve    Canada/France    2010    Narrative Feature

 Kto Ya? (Who Am I?)    Klim Shipenko    Russia    2010    Narrative Feature

 Lord Byron    Zack Godshall    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Mars    Geoff Marslett    USA    2010    Narrative Feature

 Mysteries of Lisbon    Raul Ruiz    Portugal    2010    Narrative Feature

 Red Light Revolution    Sam Voutas    Australia/China    2010    Narrative Feature

 Silver Tongues    Simon Arthur    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Snow on tha Bluff    Damon Russell    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Sound of Noise    Ola Simonsson, Johanness Starne Nilsson    Sweden    2010    Narrative Feature

 Summer Of Goliath (Verano de Goliat)    Nicolas Pereda    Canada/Mexico/Netherlands    2010    Narrative Feature

 Terri    Azazel Jacobs    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 The Catechism Cataclysm    Todd Rohal    USA        Narrative Feature

 The First Grader    Justin Chadwick    UK    2010    Narrative Feature

 The Little Death    Bret Wood    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 The Troll Hunter    Andre Ovredal    Norway    2010    Narrative Feature

 Things Fall Apart    Mario Van Peebles    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 Vacation!    Zach Clark    USA    2010    Narrative Feature

 We Are the Hartman's    Laura newman    USA    2011    Narrative Feature

 White Irish Drinkers    John Gray    USA    2010    Narrative Feature

 Young Goethe in Love    Philipp Stolzl    Germany    2010    Narrative Feature

 Baby    Daniel Mulloy            Narrative Short

 Bayou Black    Jonas Carpignano            Narrative Short

 Butterflies of Trip City    Nika Belianina            Narrative Short

 Clara's Carma    Robert Brinkman            Narrative Short

 Clear Blue    Lindsay MacKay            Narrative Short

 Crazy Beats Strong Every Time    Moon Molson            Narrative Short

 Delmer Builds a Machine    Landon Zakheim            Narrative Short

 Everthing's For Sale    Eriv Haviv            Narrative Short

 Ex-Sex    Michael Mohan            Narrative Short

 Fatakra    Soham Mehta            Narrative Short

 Gay Shark Tank    Guy Shalem            Narrative Short

 God of Love    Luke Matheny            Narrative Short

 Hello Caller    Andrew Putschoegi            Narrative Short

 Laugh    Anthony McHie            Narrative Short

 Legend of Beaver Dam    Jerome Sable            Narrative Short

 Living with N.A.D.S.    Michael D. Friedman            Narrative Short

 Martha and Dee Visit the 5th Dimension    Noelle Foster            Narrative Short

 Our Time Together    David R. Lipson            Narrative Short

 Pony Rides are for Girls    David Silverman            Narrative Short

 Presynaptic Potential    Micah Stansell            Narrative Short

 Protect the Nation    C.R. Reisser            Narrative Short

 Protoparticulas    Chema Garcia Ibarra            Narrative Short

 Queen's Day    Jeffrey Ruggles            Narrative Short

 Red Moon    Jimmy Marble            Narrative Short

 Say Grace Before Drowning    Nikyatu Jusu            Narrative Short

 Sexting    Neil LaBute            Narrative Short

 Shadow Puppets    Sam Carter            Narrative Short

 Strange Ones    Christopher Radcliff, Lauren Wolkstein            Narrative Short

 Talk Show    David Bruckner            Narrative Short

 Terrebone    Jeremy Craig            Narrative Short

 That Thing You Drew    Kerri Davenport-Burton            Narrative Short

 Three Blind Mice    Jade Holmes            Narrative Short

 West of the Moon    Brent Bonacorso            Narrative Short

 Bear Nation    Malcolm Ingram    USA    2010    Pink Peach Feature Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Name    Madeline Olnek    USA    2010    Pink Peach Feature Corpus Christi: Playing With Redemption    Nic Arnzen, James Brandon    USA    2011    Pink Peach Feature The Seminarian    Joshua Lim    USA    2010    Pink Peach Feature Animal Drill    Patrick Murphy            Pink Peach Short

 Caught     Monte Patterson            Pink Peach Short

 Civil Unions    Elisa Zuritsky            Pink Peach Short

 Curvature    Cricket Ellis            Pink Peach Short

 Dark Meat    Patrick Rosson            Pink Peach Short

 Double Fault    Elina Fessa            Pink Peach Short

 Love is All You Need?    K. Rocco Shields            Pink Peach Short

 Slip Away    TM Scorzafava            Pink Peach Short

 The First     James Sweeney            Pink Peach Short

 Whispers    Angela Pezzano            Pink Peach Short

 Who Leads    Bryan Darling            Pink Peach Short

 Winner Takes All    Camille Carida            Pink Peach Short

 Yes Man    Grant Reed            Pink Peach Short

[/acc_item] [acc_item title="2010 Atlanta Film Festival"]Amazon Women    Kiara C Jones    USA    2009    African American Short Asbury Park    Robert Anderson    USA    2009    African American Short I Own You    Gary Anthony WIlliams    USA    2009    African American Short Jackson Parish    Edward McDonald    USA    2009    African American Short Life On Earth    Jeff Keith    USA    2009    African American Short She Got Problems    Alison McDonald    USA    2009    African American Short Train    Darius Clark Monroe    USA    2009    African American Short Goodbye Mr. Pink    Helen Piercy    UK    2009    Animated Short

 Happy and Strictly in 'Fuzzy Business'    Robert Paraguassu    USA    2009    Animated Short

 Horn Dog    Bill Plympton    USA    2009    Animated Short

 Ledo and Ix Go to Town    Emily Carmichael    USA    2009    Animated Short

 Prayers For Peace    Dustin Grella    USA    2009    Animated Short

 Spaceman On Earth    Shant Hamassian    USA    2009    Animated Short

 The Adventures of Ledo and Ix    Emily Carmichael    USA    2008    Animated Short

 The Anchorite    Matthew Maloney    USA    2009    Animated Short

 The Fence Underneath Us    Steven Bednar    USA    2009    Animated Short

 The Lighthouse    Velislava Gospodinova    Bulgaria    2009    Animated Short

 The Machine    Rob Shaw    USA    2009    Animated Short

 The Story of Scrivener and his Aislyn    Evan Curtis    USA    2008    Animated Short

 Twist of Fate    Karen Aqua    USA    2009    Animated Short

 Follicle Frolic    Mark Potts    USA    2009    Comedy Short

 Helium Man    Nicholas Piper    USA    2010    Comedy Short

 How to Ride a Train    Katie Dillon    USA    2009    Comedy Short

 Pet Peeves    Brooke Adams    USA    2009    Comedy Short

 Quality Time    Colin Marshall     USA    2008    Comedy Short

 Spleenectomy    Kirsten Smith    USA    2008    Comedy Short

 The Apostles    Jeff Chan    Canada    2009    Comedy Short

 The Ballad of Friday and June    Tate English    USA    2009    Comedy Short

 The World of Film Festivals    Jim Jacob    USA    2009    Comedy Short

 This Side Up    Eric Blue    USA    2009    Comedy Short

 Winner: Best Short Film    Peter Meech    Canada    2010    Comedy Short

 8: The Mormon Proposition    Reed Cowan    USA    2009    Documentary Competition

 Alley Pat: The Music is Recorded    Tom Roche    USA    2009    Documentary Competition

 American Jihadist    Mark Claywell    USA    2009    Documentary Competition

 Family Affair    Chico Colvard    USA    2009    Documentary Competition

 I Am Comic    Jordan Brady    USA    2009    Documentary Competition

 Mamachas of the Ring (Mamachas del Ring)    Betty M. Park    USA    2009    Documentary Competition

 Racing Dreams    Marshall Curry    USA    2009    Documentary Competition

 The Last Survivor    Michael Pertnoy, Michael Kleiman    USA/Germany/Israel/Kenya/Sweden    2009    Documentary Competition

 9500 Liberty    Annabel Park, Eric Byler    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Burning Ice    Peter Gilbert    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Complaints Choir    Ada Bligaard Soby    Denmark/Finland/USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Cropsey    Barbara Brancaccio, Joshua Zeman    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Crossing in St. Augustine    CB Hackworth    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Cutud (The Crossing)    Scott Wurth    Australia/Phillippines    2009    Documentary Feature

 Dive!    Jeremy Seifert    USA     2009    Documentary Feature

 Divorcing God    Luis Gurgitano, Maggie Sargent    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Do it Again    Robert Patton-Spruill    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Dumbstruck    Mark Goffman    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Freedom Riders    Stanley Nelson    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 God's Architects    Zack Godshall    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 My Run    Tim Vandesteeg    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 No Tomorrow    Roger Weisberg, Vanessa Roth    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Play in the Gray    Kaitlin Meelia    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Saturday Night    James Franco    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Souled Out Comedy    Jonathan Bruce Appell    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Stranded in the Motor City    Dwayne Barnes    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 The 10 Conditions of Love    Jeff Daniels    Australia    2009    Documentary Feature

 The Desert of Forbidden Art    Amanda Pope, Tchavdar Georgiev    Russian Federation/USA/Uzbekistan    2010    Documentary Feature

 The Eyes of Me    Keith Maitland    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 The Secret to a Happy Ending    Barr Weissman    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 There Was Once an Island (Te Henua E Noho)    Briar March    New Zealand    2009    Documentary Feature

 Toxic Soup    Rory Owen Delaney    USA    2010    Documentary Feature

 Wheedle's Groove    Jennifer Maas    USA    2009    Documentary Feature

 Born Sweet    Cynthia Wade    Camobida    2010    Documentary Short

 Clandestine    Gideon Kennedy, Marcus Posentrater    USA    2009    Documentary Short

 Ghosts    Phoebe Brown    USA    2009    Documentary Short

 No Excuses    Whitney Trower, Michele Richardson    USA    2009    Documentary Short

 Pax    Glenn CLose, Sarah Harvey    USA    2009    Documentary Short

 The Darkness of Day    Jay Rosenblatt    USA    2009    Documentary Short

 The Solitary Life of Cranes    Eva Weber    UK    2008    Documentary Short

 Woman Rebel    Kiran Deol    Nepal     2009    Documentary Short

 Ana's Playground    Eric D. Howell    USA    2009    Drama Short

 Cigarette Candy    Lauren Wolkenstein    USA    2009    Drama Short

 Confession    Enrico Marcellino    USA    2009    Drama Short

 Metropolis Ferry    Juan Gautier    Spain    2009    Drama Short

 Puppets of War    Corey Ellis, Francis McDonald    USA    2009    Drama Short

 The History of Aviation (A Repules Tortente)    Balinte Kenyeres    France/Hungary    2009    Drama Short

 The Odds    Paloma Baeza    UK    2009    Drama Short

 A Tax on Pochsy    Karen Louise Hines    Canada    2009    Experimental Short

 Bellows March    Eric Dyer    USA    2009    Experimental Short

 Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot    Melissa Friedling    USA    2009    Experimental Short

 Indistinct Boundaries: Movement 2    Byran Leister    USA    2009    Experimental Short

 Indistinct Boundaries: Movement 4    Bryan Leister    USA    2009    Experimental Short

 Kapsis    Yen-Ting Cho, Edgar Barroso    USA    2009    Experimental Short

 Looploop    Patrick Bergeron    Canada    2008    Experimental Short

 Manhattan Mermaid    Tristan Von Christann    USA    2010    Experimental Short

 More From Life    Stevn Vander Meer    USA    2009    Experimental Short

 Parisian Flash-Cards    Chris Shimojima    USA    2009    Experimental Short

 Someone of Something    ChihWei Hsu    USA    2009    Experimental Short

 Star, Dust    Karen Hanson    Canada    2009    Experimental Short

 Further Lane    Mesh FLinders    USA    2009    Looking For Love Short Greased     Roxine Helberg    USA    2009    Looking For Love Short Mister Green    Greg Pak    USA    2009    Looking For Love Short Tell Me Who    David Lipson    USA    2009    Looking For Love Short The Regular    Jamie Kirkpatrick    USA    2009    Looking For Love Short The Tedious Existence Of Terrell B. Howell    David Silverman    USA    2009    Looking For Love Short Dear Lemon Lima    Suzi Yoonessi    USA    2009    Narrative Competition

 Exit 117    Kevin James McMullin    USA    2009    Narrative Competition

 Handsome Harry    Bette Gordon    USA    2009    Narrative Competition

 Nonames    Kate Lindboe    USA    2009    Narrative Competition

 Putty Hill    Matt Porterfield    USA    2010    Narrative Competition

 The Battle For Bunker Hill    Kevin Wilmott    USA    2009    Narrative Competition

 The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek    Wendy Jo Cohen    USA    2009    Narrative Competition

 The Things We Carry    Ian McCrudden    USA    2009    Narrative Competition

 Big Font. Large Spacing    Paul Howard Allen    UK    2009    Narrative Feature

 Broken Hill    Dagen Merrill    Australia    2009    Narrative Feature

 Case 219    James Bruce    USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 Cold Weather     Aaron Katz    USA    2010    Narrative Feature

 Cooking With Stella    Dilip Mehta    Canada/India    2009    Narrative Feature

 Feed the Fish (the Feel Good Film of the Winter    Michael Matzdorff    USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 Godspeed    Robert Saitzyk    USA     2009    Narrative Feature

 Little Lies (Male Lzi)    William Lee    Czech Republic    2009    Narrative Feature

 Love on the Rocks    Justin Edwards    USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 Mother Earth (Tierra Madre)    Dylan Verrechia    Mexico/USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 NY Export: Opus Jazz    Jody Lee Lipes, Henry Joost    USA    2010    Narrative Feature

 Open Five    Kentucker Adley    USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 Pushin' Up Daisies    Patrick Franklin    USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 Slap Down    Jesus Christ    USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 Ten-20    Terrisha Kearse    USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 The Athlete (Atletu)    Davey Frankel, Rasselas Lakew    Ethiopia/Germany/USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 The Good Heart    Dagur Kari    Iceland/France/Denmark/Germany    2009    Narrative Feature

 The Mountain Thief    Gerry Balasta    Phillippines/USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 The Myth of Time (El Mito Del Tiempo)    Jaguar X    Guatemala    2009    Narrative Feature

 The Square    Nash Edgerton    Australia     2009    Narrative Feature

 Who Saw Him (Chi L'ha Visto)    Claudia Rorarius    Germany    2009    Narrative Feature

 Winter's Bone    Debra Granik    USA     2010    Narrative Feature

 Yellowbrickroad    Jesse Holland, Andy Mitton    USA    2009    Narrative Feature

 8: The Mormon Proposition        USA    2010    Pink Peach Feature Handsome Harry        USA    2009    Pink Peach Feature Mother Earth (Tierra Madre)        Mexico/USA    2009    Pink Peach Feature Play in the Gray        USA    2010    Pink Peach Feature The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek        USA    2009    Pink Peach Feature Who Saw Him (Chi L'ha Visto)        Germany    2009    Pink Peach Feature Bedfellows    Pierre Stefanos    USA    2010    Pink Peach Short

 Catching On: The Day the World Turned Gay    Nick Pistorino    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 Curious Thing    Alain Hain    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 Danny    T. David Field    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 Gayby    Jonathan Lisecki    USA    2010    Pink Peach Short

 Non-Love-Song    Erik Gernand    USA    2010    Pink Peach Short

 One Night    Laura Jean Cronin    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 Public Relations    Gianna Sobol    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 Rubbuds    Jan Chen    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 Simple Pleasures    Matthew Mendelson    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 The Feast of Stephen    James Franco    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 The Roe Effect    Kiel Scott    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 To Comfort You    Marc Saltarelli    USA    2009    Pink Peach Short

 Yulia    Antoine Arditti    France    2009    Pink Peach Short

 A Man Can't Just Sit Around    Sam Rider    India    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 Benediction of the Beasts (Benedizione Delle Bestie)    Paul Zinder    Italy    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 Black Ops Arabesque    Jared Drake    USA    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 Calling the Minstrel    Genevieve Appleton    Canada    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 Cud    Joe York    USA    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 Freeport    Chris Mollica    USA    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 Passion (Pasja)    Dagmara Szymanska-Szymura    Poland    2008    Shorts Playing With Features

 The Last Cigarette    Brooke Sebold    USA    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 The Offering    Michael Zachary Huber    USA    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 Wake     Andrew Lawton    USA    2009    Shorts Playing With Features

 Grampa Kevorkian    Claire Almon    USA    2010    Teen Screen

 Animation Lost and Found    Philip Hunt    UK    2008    Teen Screen

 Animation Pups of Liberty    Bert Klein, Jennifer Cardon Klein    USA    2009    Teen Screen

 Animation Skylight    David Baas    Canada    2009    Teen Screen

 Animation The Mouse That Soared    Kyle Bell    USA    2009    Teen Screen

 Animation The Way to Heaven    Mier Tang, Dalton Grant Jr.    China    2009    Teen Screen

 Animation Finn on the Fly    Mark Jean    USA    2008    Teen Screen

 Documentary No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson    Steve James    USA    2010    Teen Screen

 Documentary Nourishing the Kids of Katrina- The Edible Schoolyard    Robert Grant    USA    2009    Teen Screen

 Documentary Red, White, and Green    Sally Kaplan, David Vassar    USA    2009    Teen Screen

 Documentary Chickens of the Sea    Steve Furman    USA    2009    Teen Screen

 Short Frog, Chemical, Water, You    Jennifer Grace    USA    2009    Teen Screen

 Short Once Upon a Tide    Drew Takahashi, Gesine Kratzner    USA    2008    Teen Screen

 Short Ride of the Mergansers    Steve Furman    USA    2006    Teen Screen

 Short Smalltalk Diaries    Ammonite    UK    2008    Teen Screen

 Short The Great Race    Martin Humphreys    UK    2009    Teen Screen

 Short Beast    Lars p Arendt    Denmark    2009    We Dare You to Watch These Shorts Feeder    Joseph Ernst     Netherlands/UK    2009    We Dare You to Watch These Shorts Firstborn (Eersgeborene)    Etienne Kallos    South Africa    2009    We Dare You to Watch These Shorts Ice Scream    Robert De Feo, Vito Palumbo    Italy    2009    We Dare You to Watch These Shorts Ricky Riggs: The Story of a Block Bitch    Noah Barrow    USA    2009    We Dare You to Watch These Shorts Spoiler    Ed Whitmore    UK    2009    We Dare You to Watch These Shorts[/acc_item]

[accordion] [acc_item title="2009 Atlanta Film Festival"]Articles of War    Daniel Kanemoto    USA        Animated Short

 Chicken of God    Frank Woodley    Australia        Animated Short

 Chroma Chameleon    Marc Adler    USA        Animated Short

 Cikorja An' Kafe (Chicory 'n' Coffee)    Dusan Kastelic    Slovenia        Animated Short

 Ekip 54 (Crew 54)    Nedelcho Bogdanov    Bulgaria        Animated Short

 Flight Lessons    Neil Helm    USA        Animated Short

 French Roast    Fabrice O. Joubert    France        Animated Short

 Hot Dog    Bill Plympton    USA        Animated Short

 I Am So Proud of You    Don Hertzfeldt    USA        Animated Short

 Klotz and Klumpen (Chump and Clump)    Stephan Sacher     Germany        Animated Short

 Les Anges Dechets (Garbage Angels)    Pierre Trudeau    Canada        Animated Short

 Quercus Venemum    Claire Almon    USA        Animated Short

 Sebastian's Voodoo    Joaquin Baldwin    USA        Animated Short

 Symphony    Erick Oh    USA        Animated Short

 The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay    Michael Ramsey    USA        Animated Short

 The Greatest Moment in the History of the Universe...Ever!    Jonathan Dower    Australia        Animated Short

 The Turtle and the Shark    Ryan Woodward    USA        Animated Short

 Unbelievable 4    Sukwon Shin    USA        Animated Short

 Varmints    Marc Craste     UK        Animated Short

 Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death    Nick Park    UK        Animated Short

 Window Pains    Paul Allen Tillery IV    USA        Animated Short

 Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre    Eddie Mort    USA        Animation Feature Address to Silas on the Occasion of the Retreat at Los Angeles County    David Harris    USA        Battle of the Sexes Short

 Dead Bunny    James Wvinner    USA        Battle of the Sexes Short

 Don't Walk Away in Silence    Zachary Wigon    USA        Battle of the Sexes Short

 Happy Hour    Angela Gomes    USA        Battle of the Sexes Short

 He. She. It.    John Alsop    Australia        Battle of the Sexes Short

 Rendezvous    Cole Simon    USA        Battle of the Sexes Short

 Thinking...    Marci Adilman    USA        Battle of the Sexes Short

 Who's Good Looking?    Warren Pereira    USA        Battle of the Sexes Short

 Acting for the Camera    Justin Nowell    USA        Comedy Short

 Begravelsen (The Funeral)    Peter Baekkel    Denmark        Comedy Short

 Captain Coulier (Space Explorer)    Lyndon Casey    Canada        Comedy Short

 Don't Mess With Texas    Carrie Schrader    USA        Comedy Short

 Glock    Tom Everett Scott    USA        Comedy Short

 Hungry For Love    Ruckus Skye    USA        Comedy Short

 La Dinde Marinee (A Juicy Turkey)    Benoit Ameil    France        Comedy Short

 Shirtgun Guy    Conor Casey    Canada        Comedy Short

 Art and Copy    Doug Pray    USA        Documentary Competition

 At the Edge of the World    Dan Stone    USA        Documentary Competition

 Heart of Stone    Beth Toni Kruvant    USA        Documentary Competition

 Invisible Girlfriend    David Redmon, Ashley Sabin    USA        Documentary Competition

 Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist    Carole Rifkind, Richard Rifkind    USA        Documentary Competition

 Neshoba    Micki Dickoff, Tony Pagano    USA        Documentary Competition

 Number One with a Bullet    James Dziura    USA        Documentary Competition

 The Way We Get By    Aron Gaudet    USA        Documentary Competition

 Where You From    Sabrina Lee    USA        Documentary Competition

 Squeezebox    Steven Saporito    USA        Documentary Competition

, Pink Peach Competition

 Faded Glory    Richard Cohen    USA        Documentary Feature

 For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism    Gerald Peary    USA        Documentary Feature

 Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo (Intimacies of Shakespeare and Victor Hugo)    Yulene Olaizola    Mexico        Documentary Feature

 Into Abyssinia    Adam Maurer    USA        Documentary Feature

 Kassim the Dream    Kief Davidson    USA        Documentary Feature

 Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong    Dan Lindsay    USA        Documentary Feature

 Living is Winning    Linda Burns    USA        Documentary Feature

 Motherland    Jennifer Steinman    USA        Documentary Feature

 Not Quite Hollywood    Mark Hartley    Australia/USA        Documentary Feature

 Pip and Zastrow: An American Friendship    Victoria Bruce, Karin Hayes    USA        Documentary Feature

 Prom Night in Mississippi    Paul Saltzman    Canada        Documentary Feature

 So Right So Smart    Justin Maine, Leanne Robinson-Maine, Michael Swantek    USA        Documentary Feature

 Sounds Like Teen Spirit    Jamie Johnson    Belgium/UK        Documentary Feature

 The Garden    Scott Hamilton Kennedy    USA        Documentary Feature

 The Road to Fallujah    Mark Manning    USA        Documentary Feature

 Trust Us, This is All Made Up    Alex Karpovsky    USA        Documentary Feature

 Tyson    James Toback    USA        Documentary Feature

 We Fun    Matthew Robinson    USA        Documentary Feature

 Women In Boxes    Harry Pallenberg, Phil Noyes    USA        Documentary Feature

 12 Stones    Sandy Smolan    Nepal/USA        Documentary Short

 A Bronx Dream    Joanne McGrath    USA        Documentary Short

 Jennifer    Stewart Copeland    USA        Documentary Short

 Me Broni Ba (My White Baby)    Akosua Adoma Owusu    USA        Documentary Short

 Salt    Michael Angus    Australia        Documentary Short

 State of Unrest: A Look into the Life of a Young Sex Offender    Ryland Jones    USA        Documentary Short

 The Farm Team    Scott Balzer    USA        Documentary Short

 The Leftovers    Michael Cavanagh    Sweden        Documentary Short

 Paolo    Andrea Franco    Peru/USA        Documentary, Pink Peach Competition

 Training Rules    Dee Mosbacher, Fawn Yacker    USA        Documentary, Pink Peach Competition

 Between You and Me    Micah Stansell    USA        Drama Short

 Flying Lessons    Janet Grillo    USA        Drama Short

 Magellan    Sebastian Davis    USA        Drama Short

 Miracle Fish    Luke Doolan    Australia        Drama Short

 The Capgras Tide    Adam Hutchings    UK        Drama Short

 Wheels    Tracy Martin     USA        Drama Short

 General Orders No. 9    Robert Persons    USA        Experimental Feature Cataract    Alex Eggertsen    USA        Experimental Short

 Keep the Home Fires Burning    Ryan O'Toole    USA        Experimental Short

 Near the Egress    Antonio Martinez    USA        Experimental Short

 Pictures We Took    Jean Beaugnon    USA        Experimental Short

 Poison Tree    Nathaniel James    USA        Experimental Short

 Seeker    Jordan Hassay    USA        Experimental Short

 The Beekeepers    Richard Robinson    USA        Experimental Short

 The Heart is a Hidden Camera    Gabriel Judet-Weinshel    USA        Experimental Short

 Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant    Shin-Ting Hung    USA        Experimental Short

 A Peacock-Feathered Blue    Jenna Milly    USA        Fantastical Short

 El Ataque de los Robots de Nebulosa-5 (The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5)    Chema Garcia Ibarra    Spain        Fantastical Short

 Glory at Sea    Benh Zeitlin    USA        Fantastical Short

 Skylight    Tony West    USA        Fantastical Short

 The Key    Paul Street    USA        Fantastical Short

 Blood River    Adam Mason    USA        Narrative Competition

 Buster    Lovisa Inserra    USA        Narrative Competition

 I Am the Bluebird    Thomas Verrette    USA        Narrative Competition

 Idiots and Angels    Bill Plympton    USA        Narrative Competition

 Lightbulb    Jeffrey Balsmeyer    USA        Narrative Competition

 Rain    Maria Govan    Bahamas        Narrative Competition

 That Evening Sun    Scott Teems    USA        Narrative Competition

 The Death of Alice Blue    Park Bench     Canada        Narrative Competition

 Greek Pete    Andrew Haigh    UK        Narrative Competition

, Pink Peach Competition

 Mississippi Damned    Tina Mabry    USA        Narrative Competition

, Pink Peach Competition

 500 Days of Summer    Marc Webb    USA        Narrative Feature

 Alexander the Last    Joe Swanberg    USA        Narrative Feature

 Beeswax    Andrew Bujalski    USA        Narrative Feature

 Beket    Davide Manuli    Italy        Narrative Feature

 Deadland    Damon O'Steen    USA        Narrative Feature

 Desierto Adentro (The Desert Within)    Rodrigo Pla    Mexico        Narrative Feature

 Get Brunette    Natalia Novik    Russian Federation        Narrative Feature

 Goodbye Solo    Ramin Bahrani    USA        Narrative Feature

 It Was Great, But I Was Ready to Come Home    Kris Swanberg    USA        Narrative Feature

 Jerichow    Christian Petzold     Germany        Narrative Feature

 La Fille De Monaco (The Girl From Monaco)    Anne Fontaine    France        Narrative Feature

 Lake Tahoe    Fernando Eimbcke    Mexico        Narrative Feature

 Madholal Keep Walking    Jai Tank    India        Narrative Feature

 Moon    Duncan Jones    USA        Narrative Feature

 Playing for Charlie    Pene Patrick    Australia        Narrative Feature

 Promeny (Turnover)    Thomas Rehorek    Czech Republic/Italy        Narrative Feature

 Rudo y Cursi (Rudo and Cursi)    Carlos Cuaron    Mexico        Narrative Feature

 Stand Up    Clara Xing    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Firm Land    Chapour Haghighat    France/Iran/India        Narrative Feature

 The Last Lullaby    Jeffrey Goodman    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Least Among You    Mark Young    USA        Narrative Feature

 Voy a Explotar (I'm Gonna Explode)    Gerardo Naranjo    Mexico        Narrative Feature

 White Wedding    Jann Turner    South Africa        Narrative Feature

 Bridge    Frank Fearon    USA        Narrative Short

 Clacson (Claxon)    Takehito Kuroga    Italy        Narrative Short

 Cornfield    Soren Moller Lagoni    Denmark        Narrative Short

 First Kill    Micah Ranum    USA        Narrative Short

 Last Bullet    Jason Winn    USA        Narrative Short

 Locker 13: Down and Out    Matthew Mebane    USA        Narrative Short

 Out    George Moise    USA        Narrative Short

 Pure    Jacob Bricca    USA        Narrative Short

 Killer Movie    Jeff Fisher    USA        Pink Peach Competition

 The New Twenty    Christopher Mason Johnson    USA        Pink Peach Competition

 Get Happy    Mark Payne    USA        Pink Peach Short

 James    Connor Clements    Ireland/UK        Pink Peach Short

 Sombrero    Nathaniel Atcheson    USA        Pink Peach Short

 The Library    Joshua Lim    USA        Pink Peach Short

 Twoyoungmen, UT    Sam McConnell    USA        Pink Peach Short

 I'm Like This Everyday    Mitchell Powers    USA        Shorts Playing With Features

 Love, Sadie    Naiti Gomez    USA        Shorts Playing With Features

 Maybe Me    Aitor de Miguel    Ethiopia/Spain        Shorts Playing With Features

 Naiming Pluto    Ginita Jimenez    UK        Shorts Playing With Features

 Transitions    Joe Binford    USA        Shorts Playing With Features

 Hakim    Ismail Sahin    Germany        Six Continents Shorts

 Jerrycan    Julius Avery    Australia        Six Continents Shorts

 Love You More    Sam Taylor-Wood    UK        Six Continents Shorts

 On the Road to Tel-Aviv    Khen Shalem    Israel        Six Continents Shorts

 Pelo Ouvido (Through the Ear)    Joaquim Haickel    Brazil        Six Continents Shorts

 Wasteland    Derek Sieg    USA        Six Continents Shorts

 Five Miles Out    Andrew Haigh    UK        Turning Point Short

 Pop Art    Amanda Boyle    UK        Turning Point Short

 Ses (See You)    Jesper Waldvogel Rasmussen    Denmark        Turning Point Short

 Sommersonntag (Summer Sunday)    Sigi Kamml    Germany        Turning Point Short

 The Big 1-0    Lindsey Connell    Canada        Turning Point Short

2008 Atlanta Film Festival

Komaneko- The Curious Cat    Tsuneo Goda    Japan        Animated Feature 

Bad Habit, Little Rabbit    Christian Effenberger    Germany        Animated Short

 Bottled    Jian Lee    USA        Animated Short

 Bunnyheads    Jim Blashfield    USA        Animated Short

 But Some are Brave    Grace Channer    Canada        Animated Short

 Deadly Desire    Darius Hill    USA        Animated Short

 Fetch    Dana Dorian    UK        Animated Short

 Final Journey    Lars Zimmerman    Germany        Animated Short

 Flatland: The Movie    Dano Johnson, Jeffrey Travis    USA        Animated Short

 Hitler's Brain    Count Lear Bunda    USA        Animated Short

 Kidtastrophe    Hilton Tennant    USA        Animated Short

 Lav Dance    Hilton Tennant    USA        Animated Short

 Moviekiss: The Lite Brite Video    Gina Niespodziani    USA        Animated Short

 Running Seasons    Y. Grace Park    USA        Animated Short

 Snapshots    James Mullins    USA        Animated Short

 The Adventures of Baxter and McGuire    Mike Blum    USA        Animated Short

 The Chesnut Tree    Hyun-min Lee    USA        Animated Short

 The Madness of Being    Hal Miles    USA        Animated Short

 The Plush Life    Timothy Heath    USA        Animated Short

 When I Grow Up    Michelle Meeker    USA        Animated Short

 La Tangente    Vincent Vesco    France        Chance Encounters Short

 Morning Departure    WIlliam Savage    USA        Chance Encounters Short

 Simon    Nebojsa Vukobradovic    USA        Chance Encounters Short

 The Elevator    Ben Hakim    Israel        Chance Encounters Short

 Aquarium    Rob Meyer    USA        Comedy Short

 Claire    Liz Tuccillo    USA        Comedy Short

 Hirsute    A.J. Band    Canada        Comedy Short

 Making the Man    John Susman    USA        Comedy Short

 Primitive Technology    Bo Price    USA        Comedy Short

 Struck    Taron Lexton    USA        Comedy Short

 The Diagnosis    Coleman Hough    USA        Comedy Short

 Vacuum    Trey Hock    USA        Comedy Short

 When Life Gives You Lemon    Chuck Moore    USA        Comedy Short

 Blue Dress    Katie Stern    USA        Coming of Age Short Chickamauga    John Henry Summerour    USA        Coming of Age Short Small Avalanches    Gillian Munro    USA        Coming of Age Short The State of Sunshine    Z. Eric Young    USA        Coming of Age Short The Truth About Faces    Lindsey Shockley    USA        Coming of Age Short Devil Goes Down    John Petrini    USA        Conflict and Resolution Short

 Mexican in the Closet    Chuck Moore    USA        Conflict and Resolution Short

 Race    Peter Coyote    USA        Conflict and Resolution Short

 Veils    Dan Susman    UK        Conflict and Resolution Short

 Woman in Burka    Jonathan Lisecki    USA        Conflict and Resolution Short

 At the Death House Door    Peter Gilbert, Steven James    USA        Documentary Competition

 Bama Girl    Rachel Goslins    USA        Documentary Competition

 Jump!    Helen Hood Scheer    USA        Documentary Competition

 Land of Confusion    Jeremy Zerechak    USA        Documentary Competition

 Nerdcore Rising    Negin Farsad    USA        Documentary Competition

 On a Wing and a Prayer    Max Kaiser    USA        Documentary Competition

 Spine Tingler! The Wiliam Castle Story    Jeffrey Schwartz    USA        Documentary Competition

 The Axe in the Attic    Ed Pincus, Lucia Small    USA        Documentary Competition

 The Big Question    Vince DiPersio    USA        Documentary Competition

 To My Great Chagrin: The Unbelievable Story of Brother Theodore    Jeff Sumerel    USA        Documentary Competition

 A Snowmobile For George    Todd Darling    USA        Documentary Feature

 American Teen    Nanette Burstein    USA        Documentary Feature

 For Our Sons    Vanz Chapman, Erik McKay    Canada/USA        Documentary Feature

 Hidden in Plain Sight    Mark Street    USA        Documentary Feature

 Intimidad    David Redmon, Ashley Sabin    Mexico        Documentary Feature

 Monster Camp    Cullen Hoback    USA        Documentary Feature

 Renewal    Marty Ostrow    USA        Documentary Feature

 Semper Fi, One Marine's Journey    Vince DiPersio    USA        Documentary Feature

 Sex: The Revolution    Hart Perry, Dana Heinz Perry    USA        Documentary Feature

 The Aids Chronicle- Here to Represent    Bailey Barash    USA        Documentary Feature

 Torn From the Flag    Endre Hules    Hungary/USA        Documentary Feature

 Voices of Samfya    David Eberts, Helen Cotton    UK/Zambia        Documentary Feature

 When Clouds Clear (Despues de la Neblina)    Danielle Bernstein, Anne Slick    Ecuador/USA        Documentary Feature

 Young @ Heart    Stephen Walker    USA        Documentary Feature

 99 to 1: Ovarian Cancer and Me    Phoebe Brown    USA        Documentary Short

 Africa's Daughters    Natalie Halpern    USA        Documentary Short

 An Equal Share (A Parte Egale)    Melissa Vincelli    Canada        Documentary Short

 Body and Soul: Diana and Kathy    Alice Elliot    USA        Documentary Short

 Coming Out-Coming In: Faith, Identity, and Belonging    Susan Campbell    USA        Documentary Short

 Kids + Money    Lauren Greenfield    USA        Documentary Short

 Move    Jason Brown, Richard LeMay    USA        Documentary Short

 My Olymic Summer    Daniel Robin    USA        Documentary Short

 One of the Last (Uno Degli Ultimi)     Paul Zinder    Italy        Documentary Short

 Redemption Stone- The Life and Time of Tom Lewis    Tom Dziedzic    USA        Documentary Short

 Run For Life    Eric Grant    Switzerland        Documentary Short

 The Art of Karaoke    Will Hartman    USA        Documentary Short

 The Ladies    Christina Voros    USA        Documentary Short

 The Sheriff    Jeff Giordano    USA        Documentary Short

 Unfettering the Falcons    Laura Kissel, Niklas Vollmer    USA        Documentary Short

 Zebra Kids    Gabriel Goodenough    USA        Documentary Short

 24 Frames Per Day    Sonali Gulati    USA        Experimental Short

 A Convolution of Imagined Histories    Micah Stansell    USA        Experimental Short

 Dear Bill Gates    Sarah J. Christman    USA        Experimental Short

 Doxology    Michael Langan    USA        Experimental Short

 Drop    Bryan Leister    USA        Experimental Short

 Office Mobius    Seung Hyung Lee    USA        Experimental Short

 Passage    Peter Byrne     USA        Experimental Short

 Rewind    Atul Taishete    India        Experimental Short

 Shake Off    Hans Beenhakker    Netherlands        Experimental Short

 Such as it Is    Walter Ungerer    USA        Experimental Short

 Coyote    Brian Petersen    USA        Narrative Competition

 Dance of the Dead    Gregg Bishop    USA        Narrative Competition

 Farm Girl in New York    J. Robert Spencer    USA        Narrative Competition

 Kings of the Evening    Andrew P. Jones    USA        Narrative Competition

 Liberty Kid    Ilya Chaiken    USA        Narrative Competition

 Make-Out With Violence    The Deagol    USA        Narrative Competition

 My Effortless Brilliance    Lynn Shelton    USA        Narrative Competition

 The Cake Eaters    Mary Stuart Masterson    USA        Narrative Competition

 The Project    Ryan Piotrowicz    USA        Narrative Competition

 Woodpecker    Alex Karpovsky    USA        Narrative Competition

 Algeny: The Genetic Factor    Andrew Burroughs    USA        Narrative Feature

 Bohica    D.J. Paul    USA        Narrative Feature

 Fightfuckpray    Dan Bush, Christina Kline, Darren Mann    USA        Narrative Feature

 Fugitive Pieces    Jeremy Podeswa    Canada/Greece        Narrative Feature

 Iris Chang, the Rape of Nanking    Anne Pick, Bill Spahic    Canada        Narrative Feature

 Let Them Chirp Awhile    Jonathan Blitstein    USA        Narrative Feature

 Like Moles, Like Rats    Jim Torres    USA        Narrative Feature

 Mongol    Sergei Bodrov    Germany/Kazakhstan/Russia/Mongolia        Narrative Feature

 Priceless (Hors De Prix)    Pierre Salvadori    France        Narrative Feature

 Roman De Gare    Claude Lelouch    France        Narrative Feature

 Saturn in Opposition (Saturno Contro)    Ferzan Ozpetek    Italy        Narrative Feature

 Skills Like This    Monty Miranda    USA        Narrative Feature

 Son of Rambow    Garth Jennings    UK/France        Narrative Feature

 Team Picture    Kentucker Audley    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Edge of Heaven (Auf Der Anderen Seite)    Fatih Akin    Germany/Turkey        Narrative Feature

 The Flyboys    Rocco DeVilliers    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Lena Baker Story    Ralph Wilcox    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Skyjacker    Jeff Pickett    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Stone Angel    Kari Skogland    Canada        Narrative Feature

 The Visitor    Thomas McCarthy    USA        Narrative Feature

 The World Unseen    Shamim Sarif    UK/ South Africa        Narrative Feature

 This Beautiful City    Ed Gass-Donnelly    Canada        Narrative Feature

 True Love    Henry Barrial    USA        Narrative Feature

 What are We Doing Here?    Brandon Klein, Daniel Klein, Nicholas Klein, Timothy Klein    UK/USA        Narrative Feature

 XXY    Lucia Puenzo    Argentina/Spain/France        Narrative Feature

 A Lesson in Biology    Keno Rider    USA        Narrative Short

 About FIlm Festivals    Jim Jacobs    USA        Narrative Short

 Ana's Time    Alice Cox    USA        Narrative Short

 Chief    Brett Wagner    USA        Narrative Short

 Cosmos    Clayton Hable    USA        Narrative Short

 Dandelion Fall    Lauren Wolkstein    USA        Narrative Short

 Done in One    Jay D. Zimmerman, Pat Clark    USA        Narrative Short

 Gaining Ground (Land Gewinnen)    Marc Brummund    Germany        Narrative Short

 Heaven is a Colorful Place    A. Jonathan Benny    Canada        Narrative Short

 Les Vulnerables    Brent-Jorgen Perlmutt    Congo/USA        Narrative Short

 Lightborne (Alumbramiento)    Eduardo Chapero-Jackson    Spain        Narrative Short

 Lullaby    Kevin Markwick    UK        Narrative Short

 My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film    Karen Hines    Canada        Narrative Short

 No Vacancy    Keith Hooker    USA        Narrative Short

 Petunia    Marla Weatherspoon Johnson    USA        Narrative Short

 Pink Shorts    Jeffrey Huston    USA        Narrative Short

 Sales    Michael D. Friedman    USA        Narrative Short

 SLow    Kurt Kuenne    USA        Narrative Short

 Soft    Simon Ellis    UK        Narrative Short

 Swedish Blueballs    Kent Osborne, Joe Swanberg    USA        Narrative Short

 Tanghi Argentini    Guy Thys    Belgium        Narrative Short

 The Adventure     Mike Brune    USA        Narrative Short

 The Execution of Solomon Harris    Wyatt Garfield, Ed Yonaitis    USA        Narrative Short

 The Outhouse    Jack Truman    USA        Narrative Short

 The Phone Book    Kurt Kuenne    USA        Narrative Short

 The Rapture of the Athlete Assumed into Heaven    Keith Bogart    USA        Narrative Short

 The Sound of People    SImon Fitzmaurice    Ireland        Narrative Short

 The Unbearable Rightness of Diversity    Matt Ruggles    USA        Narrative Short

 Tibbets' Trust    Scott Balzer    USA        Narrative Short

 Tony Zear (Tony Zoreil)    Valentin Potier    France        Narrative Short

 Waves (Valuri)    Adrian Sitaru    Romania        Narrative Short

 X    Josh Brolin    USA        Narrative Short

 On Great White Wings    Joshua Colover    USA        Narrative Short

 [/acc_item] [acc_item title="2007 Atlanta Film Festival"]Princess    Anders Morgenthaler    Denmark        Animated Feature Aal Im Schadel    Matrin Rahmlow    Germany        Animated Short

 Badly Drawn Roy    Alan Shannon    Ireland        Animated Short

 Big Dreams     Robyn Von Arx    USA        Animated Short

 Counting Water    Brian Savelsonq    USA        Animated Short

 Dance Like A Monkey    Dano Johnson    USA        Animated Short

 Dandelion    Jackie Laio    USA        Animated Short

 Dirt Nap    Everything Will Be OK    USA        Animated Short

 Everything Will Be OK    Don Hertzfeldt    USA        Animated Short

 First Flight    Cameron Hood    USA        Animated Short

 Home Delivery    Elio Quiroga    Spain        Animated Short

 Lagerheads    Timothy Heath    USA        Animated Short

 Mirage    Youngwoong Jang    USA        Animated Short

 Oop Fiore Os Khank    James Dingle    USA        Animated Short

 Park and Rec Room    Chel White    USA        Animated Short

 Past Present and Future Tense    Isaac Holze    USA        Animated Short

 Perpetuum Mobile    Enrique Garcia    Spain        Animated Short

 Phantom Canyon    Stacey Steers    USA        Animated Short

 Puppet    Patrick Smith    USA        Animated Short

 Sensational City    Tarik Cherkaoui    USA        Animated Short

 The Instrumentalist    Troy Morgan    USA        Animated Short

 The Waif of Persephone    Nick Cross    Canada        Animated Short

 American Deluxe    Aaron Brownlee    USA        Comedy Short

 Bitch    Lilah Vandenburgh    USA        Comedy Short

 Look Alive, Mr. Kline    Jacob Hensberry    USA        Comedy Short

 Magic    Colin Corrigan    Ireland        Comedy Short

 Marti's Party    Annabelle Murphy    Australia        Comedy Short

 Blue Blood    Stevan Riley            Documentary Competition

 Election Day    Katy Chevigny            Documentary Competition

 Kamp Katrina    Ashleyt Sabin, David Redmon            Documentary Competition

 Milk in the Land    Ariana Gerstein, Monteith McCollum            Documentary Competition

 Protagonist    Jessica Yu            Documentary Competition

 Red Without Blue    Benita Sills, Brooke Sebold, Todd Sills            Documentary Competition

 Revolution '67    Marylou Tibaldo- Bongiorno            Documentary Competition

 Soldiers of Confidence    Gary Weimberg, Catherine Ryan            Documentary Competition

 The Killer Within    Macky Alston            Documentary Competition

 The Paper    Aaron Matthews            Documentary Competition

 Angels Can't Help But Laugh    Thomas S. Burns, Jr.            Documentary Feature

 Banished    Marco Williams            Documentary Feature

 Brando    Leslie Greif            Documentary Feature

 Carzy Love    Dan Klores            Documentary Feature

 Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life    Logan Smalley            Documentary Feature

 Flesh and Blood    Larry Silverman            Documentary Feature

 King of Kong    Seth Gordon            Documentary Feature

 Our Land, Our Life    Beth Gage, George Gage            Documentary Feature

 PEZheads- the Movie    Christopher Marshall            Documentary Feature

 Runners High    Justine Jacob, Alex D. da Silva            Documentary Feature

 Salud!    Connie Field            Documentary Feature

 The Breast Cancer Diaries    Linda Pattillo            Documentary Feature

 The Last Days of Left Eye    Laura Lazin    USA        Documentary Feature

 The Sacred Sight of the Dalai Lamas    Michael Wiese    Tibet        Documentary Feature

 The Short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez    Heidi Specogna    Germany/Guatemala        Documentary Feature

 The Third Monday in October    Vanessa Roth            Documentary Feature

 War/Dance    Andrea Nix Fine/Sean Fine    USA        Documentary Feature

 ZOO    Robinson Devor            Documentary Feature

 A Loud Color    Brent Joseph    USA        Documentary Short

 Autism Every Day    Lauren Thierry            Documentary Short

 Building Bridges    Jeanine Isabel Butler    USA        Documentary Short

 My 9/11    Tjebbo Penning    Netherlands/USA        Documentary Short

 Protecting New Orleans, Saving Venice    Marylou Tibaldo- Bongiorno    USA        Documentary Short

 Sari's Mom    James Longley            Documentary Short

 Someone Else's War    Lee Wang    Phillipines/USA        Documentary Short

 The Blood of Yingzhou District    Ruby Yang    USA/China        Documentary Short

 The Fighting Cholitas    Mariam Jobrani    Bolivia/USA        Documentary Short

 The G8 is Coming...The G8 is Coming    Kate Amesbury    USA        Documentary Short

 The Language of Limbs: A Documentary on the Agrifolk Art Movement    EYEKISS    USA        Documentary Short

 To Whom it May Concern    Mitch McCabe    USA        Documentary Short

 Who's That Stranger?    George King    USA        Documentary Short

 A Prayer for Area 23    John Alberts    USA        Experimental Short

 Alice Sees the Light    Ariana Gerstein     USA        Experimental Short

 Bulb in the Head    Melika Bass    USA        Experimental Short

 Copenhagen Cycles    Eric Dyer    Denmark/USA        Experimental Short

 E-Motion Studies    Michael McReynolds    USA        Experimental Short

 Iblis    Timurbek Nishanov    Russian Federation        Experimental Short

 Life in the Web    Kathy Rose    USA        Experimental Short

 Nola    Marylou Tibaldo- Bongiorno    USA        Experimental Short

 Nothing But Change    Brandon Selway    USA        Experimental Short

 Startle Pattern    Eric Patrick    USA        Experimental Short

 Happy Birthday 2 You    David Acalde    Spain        Horror Short

 Hollow    Paul Bickel    USA        Horror Short

 Little Lise    Benjamin Holmsteen    Denmark        Horror Short

 Memo    Christian Simmons    USA        Horror Short

 The Haunting of Matt Lemche    Mort Swindle, Nemo Dally    Canada        Horror Short

 The Last Zombie    James Murphy    USA        Horror Short

 All the Days Before Tomorrow    Francois Dompierre            Narrative Competition

 August the First    Lanre Olabisi            Narrative Competition

 Drifting Elegant    Amy Glazer            Narrative Competition

 Great World of Sound    Craig Zobel            Narrative Competition

 Hamilton    Matthew Porterfield            Narrative Competition

 Hannah Takes the Stairs    Joe Swanberg            Narrative Competition

 Monday    Heidi Van Lier            Narrative Competition

 Reservations    Aloura Charles            Narrative Competition

 The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks    Jennifer Sharp            Narrative Competition

 Blood Car    Alex Orr            Narrative Feature

 Dante's Inferno    Sean Meredith            Narrative Feature

 Fay Grim    Hal Hartley    USA        Narrative Feature

 Hollywood Dreams    Henry Jaglom            Narrative Feature

 la Vie En Rose    Oliver Dahan     France/UK        Narrative Feature

 Montclair    Michael Ramsdell            Narrative Feature

 Murder Party    Jeremy Saulnier            Narrative Feature

 Park    Kurt Voelker            Narrative Feature

 President    Lionel Delpanque    France        Narrative Feature

 Pretty in the Face    Nate Meyer            Narrative Feature

 Retrieval    Slawomir Fabicki    Poland        Narrative Feature

 Rocket Science    Jeffrey Blitz            Narrative Feature

 Somebodies    Hadjii            Narrative Feature

 Taxidermia    Gyorgy Palfi    Hungary/Austria/France        Narrative Feature

 The Insurgents    Scott Dacko            Narrative Feature

 The TV Set    Jake Kasdan            Narrative Feature

 Tijuana Makes Me Happy    Dylan Verrechia    Mexico        Narrative Feature

 A Little Light    Ben Zlotucha    USA        Narrative Short

 A Neutral Corner    Emily Greenwood    UK        Narrative Short

 A Noble Cause    Miles Merritt    Mexico/USA        Narrative Short

 A.W.O.L.    Jack Swanstrom    USA        Narrative Short

 All's Fair    David Jibaldze    USA        Narrative Short

 At the End of the Day    Dionisio Ceballos    Mexico/USA        Narrative Short

 Big Red Ball    Chuck Moore    USA        Narrative Short

 Boys Own Story    Michael Petroni    Australia/USA        Narrative Short

 Checkpoint    Ben Phelps    Australia         Narrative Short

 Clear Cut, Simple    Vineet Dewan    USA        Narrative Short

 Cold Feet, Wet Dreams, and the Kitchen Sink    Tze Chun    USA        Narrative Short

 Day Trip    Tracy Martin    USA        Narrative Short

 Dear Lemon Lima    Suzi Yoonessi    USA        Narrative Short

 Family Reunion    Isold Uggadottir    Iceland        Narrative Short

 Fetch    Daniel Bernhardt    USA        Narrative Short

 Hidden Creatures    Emma Humphreys    Australia        Narrative Short

 I Want to Be a Pilot    Diego Quemada-Diez    Kenya        Narrative Short

 In Between    Jose E. Iglesias Vigil    Poland        Narrative Short

 Kilroy Was Here    Charlie Boyles    USA        Narrative Short

 Lost Crossing    Eric Blue    USA        Narrative Short

 Paperboat    Daphne Lambrinou    Greece/USA        Narrative Short

 Pop Foul    Moon Molson    USA        Narrative Short

 Shipwrecked    Devon Bolton    Canada        Narrative Short

 Szupermosas    Zoltan Gergely    Hungary        Narrative Short

 The Angel    Paul Hough    USA        Narrative Short

 The Birth    Massimo Amici    Italy        Narrative Short

 The Little Gorilla    Harry Kellerman    USA        Narrative Short

 The Melancholy Puff Machine    Jennifer Oxley    USA        Narrative Short

 The Path of Most Resistance    Peter Kelley    USA        Narrative Short

 The Tube With a Hat    Radu Jude     Romania        Narrative Short

 Tougher Yet    Felice Goetze    Germany        Narrative Short

 True Colors    Barney Elliot    UK        Narrative Short

 Validation    Kurt Kuenne    USA        Narrative Short

 Vartan LLP    Myles Price    USA        Narrative Short

 What's the Matter    Lee Rogers    Australia        Narrative Short

 2006 Atlanta Film Festival

Bubblecraft    Geoff Marglett    USA        Animated Short

 Chickenheads    Brett W. Thompson    USA        Animated Short

 Dragon    Troy Morgan    USA        Animated Short

 Drawing Lessons    Maureen Selwood    USA        Animated Short

 Fluidtoons    Brett W. Thompson    USA        Animated Short

 Folklore Restaurant    Tomoko Oguchi    USA        Animated Short

 Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot    David Chai    USA        Animated Short

 Ichthys    Marek Skorbecki    Poland        Animated Short

 Journey to Mars    Juan Pablo Zaramella    Argentina        Animated Short

 Juxtaposer    Joanna Davidovich    USA        Animated Short

 Loom    Scott Kravitz    USA        Animated Short

 Man Drawing a Reclining Woman    D. Grant Goans    USA        Animated Short

 Reflection of Self    Becki Holloway    USA        Animated Short

 Souvenir    Stephen Rose    USA        Animated Short

 The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos)    James Keeshan    Mexico/USA        Animated Short

 The Little Matchgirl    Roger Allers    USA        Animated Short

 The Mantis Parable    Josh Staub    USA        Animated Short

 The Moon and the Son    John Canemaker    USA        Animated Short

 The Sandbox    Kory Juul    USA        Animated Short

 The Tell Tale Heart    Raul Garcia    USA        Animated Short

 The Zit    Mike Blum    USA        Animated Short

 Valle Paraiso    Eduardo Martin Julve    Spain        Animated Short

 Wraith of Cobble Hill    Adam Parrish King    USA        Animated Short

 Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story    Chris Sheridan, Patty Kim    USA        Documentary Feature

 Al Franken: God Spoke    Nick Doob, Chris Hegedus    USA        Documentary Feature

 American Blackout    Ian Inaba    USA        Documentary Feature

 Been Rich All My Life    Heather Lyn MacDonald    USA        Documentary Feature

 Brats: Our Journey Home    Donna Musil    USA        Documentary Feature

 Chances of the World Changing    Eric Metzgar    USA        Documentary Feature

 Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon    Peter Richardson    USA        Documentary Feature

 Crossing Arizona    Dan DeVivo    USA        Documentary Feature

 Dare Not Walk Alone    Jeremy Dean    USA        Documentary Feature

 Edge of Outside: Independent Filmmakers    Shannon Davis    USA        Documentary Feature

 Encounter Point    Ronit Avni, Julia Bacha    Israel/USA        Documentary Feature

 Ever Again    Richard Tank    USA        Documentary Feature

 Future By Design    William Gazecki    USA        Documentary Feature

 Heart of the Game    Ward Serrill    USA        Documentary Feature

 Homefront    Richard Hankin    USA        Documentary Feature

 I Want to Be Happy: The Jackie Washington Story    Ari Cohen    Canada        Documentary Feature

 Independent, Doin' Major Things    Hotep Simmons    USA        Documentary Feature

 Journey to Justice    Steve Palackdharry    USA        Documentary Feature

 Keepers of the Memory: Survivors' Account of the Rwandan Genocide    Eric Kabera    Rwanda        Documentary Feature

 la Vida Del Flamenco    Asim Khan    USA        Documentary Feature

 loudQUIETloud- A Film About Pixies    Steven Cantor, Matthew Galkin    USA        Documentary Feature

 Music is My Life, Politics My Mistress: The Story of Oscar Brown, Jr.    Donnie I. Betts    USA        Documentary Feature

 My Life as an Underdog    Boric Gavrilovic    USA        Documentary Feature

 Nolan's Run    Charles Hamilton    USA        Documentary Feature

 Once They Were Neighbors    Zsuzsanna Varga    Hungary        Documentary Feature

 Passion and Poetry- The Ballad of Sam Peckinpah    Mike Siegel    Germany        Documentary Feature

 Purvis of Overtown    Shaun Conrad, David Raccuglia    USA        Documentary Feature

 Rain in a Dry Land    Anne Makepeace    USA        Documentary Feature

 Ramones: Too Tough to Die    Jim Fields, Michael Gramiglia    USA        Documentary Feature

 Rural Rock and Roll    Jensen Rufe    USA        Documentary Feature

 Small Town Gay Bar    Malcolm Ingram    USA        Documentary Feature

 The Great Happiness of Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief    Jake Clennell    Japan/USA        Documentary Feature

 The Holy Modal Rounders: Bound to Lose    Sam Wainwright Douglas, Paul Lovelace    USA        Documentary Feature

 The Trials of Darryl Hunt    Anne Sundburg, Ricki Stern    USA        Documentary Feature

 There's No Place Like Home    Michael DeRoker    USA        Documentary Feature

 Tis Autumn- The Search for Jackie Paris    Raymond DeFillita    USA        Documentary Feature

 Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard    Robyn Simon    USA        Documentary Feature

 Un Azard Habanero- Voices From an Island    Chiara Bellini    Italy/Cuba        Documentary Feature

 Walter Anderson: Realizations of An Artist    Winston Riley, David Wolf    USA        Documentary Feature

 War and Truth    Michael Samstag    USA        Documentary Feature

 What Remains    Steve Cantor    USA        Documentary Feature

 Who Killed the Electric Car?    Chris Paine    USA        Documentary Feature

 Woodie Guthrie: Ain't Got No Home    Peter Frumkin    USA        Documentary Feature

 Wordplay    Patrick Creadon    USA        Documentary Feature

 Yiddish Theatre: A Love Story    Dan Katzir, Ravit Markus    USA        Documentary Feature

 a short history of sweet potato pie and how it became a flying saucer    Nina Gilden Seavey    USA        Documentary Short

 Beautiful Music     Richard Trank    USA        Documentary Short

 Brother Gordon: The Way of the Soldier, The Way of the Monk    Frederick Johnson    USA        Documentary Short

 Cabin Field    Laura Kissel    USA        Documentary Short

 City of Mermaids    Leah Wolchok    USA        Documentary Short

 Closing Time    Veronica Diaferia    USA        Documentary Short

 Criminalizing Dissent    Ethan Stokes    USA        Documentary Short

 Genius        USA        Documentary Short

 God in a Box    Mark Miller    USA        Documentary Short

 Herren's: A Sweet Southern Spirit    Mary Grace Higgs    USA        Documentary Short

 Hiro    Matthew Swanson    USA        Documentary Short

 Journey into Sunset    Rick Wilkinson    USA        Documentary Short

 Miss Lil's Camp    Suzanne Niedland    USA        Documentary Short

 My Eyes Were Fresh: The Life and Photographs of John Gutmann    Jane Levy Reed    USA        Documentary Short

 Safety First    Scott Calonico    USA        Documentary Short

 Smitten    Nancy Kelly    USA        Documentary Short

 Stone Mountain    Kevin McGowan    USA        Documentary Short

 Tejiendo Vida (Weaving Life)    Roberto Arevalo    USA        Documentary Short

 The Cole Nobody Knows    Clay Walker    USA        Documentary Short

 Willie Francis Must Die Again    Allan Durand    USA        Documentary Short

 Backseat     Bruce Van Dusen    USA        Narative Feature Brothers of the Dead    Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe    USA        Narative Feature Factotum    Bent Hamer    USA        Narative Feature Fatwa    John Carter    USA        Narative Feature In Memory of My Father    Christopher Jaymes    USA        Narative Feature Laura Smiles    Jason Ruscio    USA        Narative Feature Live Free or Die    Gregg Kavet, Andy Robin    USA        Narative Feature No. 2    Daniel Story    USA        Narative Feature Pope Dreams    Patrick Hogan    USA        Narative Feature Psycopathia Sexualis    Bret Wood    USA        Narative Feature Puppy    Kieran Galvin    Australia        Narative Feature Sweet Land    Ali Selim    USA        Narative Feature The Last Adam    Edford Banuel Jr.    USA        Narative Feature The Other Side    Gregg Bishop    USA        Narative Feature The Ron Clark Story    Randa Haines    USA        Narative Feature The Sisters    Arthur Allan Seidelman    USA        Narative Feature The Unseen    Lisa France    USA        Narative Feature Things That Hang From Trees    Ido Mizrahy    USA        Narative Feature Quinceanera    Wash Westmoreland, Richard Glatzer    USA        Narrative Competition

 The Little Death    Morgan K. Nichols    USA        Narrative Competition

 A Cigar at the Beach    Steven Keep Mills    USA        Narrative Short

 A Day in the Life    Dan Bush    USA        Narrative Short

 A Supermarket Love Song    Daniel Outram    UK        Narrative Short

 A Very Small Trilogy of Loneliness    Bogdan Apetri    USA        Narrative Short

 Adios, Papitas Fritas    David Appelbaum    USA        Narrative Short

 Ashtide    Jesse Garrett, Thomas Elliot    USA        Narrative Short

 Avatar    Lluis Quilez    Spain        Narrative Short

 Blackberry Winter    Brent Stewart    France        Narrative Short

 Braggart    David Andalman    USA        Narrative Short

 Broken    Danica McKellar    USA        Narrative Short

 Chalk    Mike Akel    USA        Narrative Short

 crtl+alt+del    Saurabh Gupta    India        Narrative Short

 Danya    Beth Armstrong    Australia        Narrative Short

 Dutch Bird    Kirk Weddell    UK        Narrative Short

 Esperando    Michael Flores    USA        Narrative Short

 Everloving    Steve Johnson    USA    2003    Narrative Short

 Film Noir    Osbert Parker    UK        Narrative Short

 Gorgeous Labour of Love    Stacy Harrison    UK        Narrative Short

 Graveyard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose    Seamus Walsh    USA    1999    Narrative Short

 Harker    Scotty Shoemaker, Tony Giordano, Jason Murphy    USA    2006    Narrative Short

 Harmony     Jorge Valdes-Iga    USA        Narrative Short

 Harthi Larka (Elephant Boy)    Rene Mohandas    Scotland        Narrative Short

 Herd    Mike Mitchell    USA    1998    Narrative Short

 Hombres de Paja (Straw Men)    Joaquin Asencio    Argentina        Narrative Short

 L'Origami    Jack Wung    Australia        Narrative Short

 La Belle Sans Dames Merci    Hidetoshi Oneda    Japan         Narrative Short

 Lake    Ryan Redford    Canada        Narrative Short

 Last Rites    Paul Andrejco    USA    1997    Narrative Short

 Looking for Alfred    Johan Grimonprez    Belgium        Narrative Short

 Lucky    Avie Luthra    South Africa        Narrative Short

 Lucky Man    Tamas KenZnyffy    Hungary        Narrative Short

 Lyra Lezama    Clayton Haskell    USA        Narrative Short

 Mantis    Brendon Foster-Algoo    Canada        Narrative Short

 Medusa    Rafael Alvarez, Tatiana Issa    USA        Narrative Short

 Mother Hubbard    Paul Andrejco    USA    1996    Narrative Short

 Moving Picture Makers    Andrew Fisher, Leon Mandel    USA        Narrative Short

 Mr. Malikai Battles the Aeroplane    Drew Blatman    USA        Narrative Short

 My Redneck Brain Cell    Jay Zimmerman, Pat Clark    USA        Narrative Short

 Ola's Box of Clovers    Genevieve Anderson    USA    2004    Narrative Short

 Opus    Mary Clark    USA        Narrative Short

 Paul and Me    Matthew Perkins    USA        Narrative Short

 Plastic Leis    Tyrone Sanga    USA        Narrative Short

 Popsicle    Mike Mitchell, Dan Brown    USA    2002    Narrative Short

 Prelude #2    Hoku Uchiyama    USA    2003    Narrative Short

 Psychic Driving    John Albanis    Canada        Narrative Short

 Razor Fish    Helen Williams    UK        Narrative Short

 Return to Sender    Ravi Malhotra    USA        Narrative Short

 Sammy and Sofa    Tim Lagase    USA    2005    Narrative Short

 Shiner    Mike Doyle    USA        Narrative Short

 Something Rubber, Something Glue    Jennifer Schneider    USA        Narrative Short

 Song for Robbie Miller    Sean Bates    USA        Narrative Short

 Spin    Jamin Winans    USA        Narrative Short

 Sugar Mountain    Aaron Himelstein    USA        Narrative Short

 The Amazing, Mysterious Story of Mary Anning and Her Monsters    Laura Heitt    USA    2003    Narrative Short

 The Bread Squeezer    Kasia Kowalczyk    USA        Narrative Short

 The Call of Cthulhu    Andrew Leman    USA        Narrative Short

 The Dreamers (Twee Dromen)    Arend Steenburgen    Holland        Narrative Short

 The Milky Way    Sean Bloch    USA        Narrative Short

 The Problem with Fiber Optics    Greg Jardin    USA        Narrative Short

 The Retreat    Zachary Sluser    USA        Narrative Short

 The Shovel    Nick Childs    USA        Narrative Short

 The Story of Bubbleboy    Sean Ascroft    Australia        Narrative Short

 Twenty    Sue Turner-Cray    USA        Narrative Short

 Unfinished    Kelly Ruth-Mercier    Canada        Narrative Short

 Vacationland    Lance Edmands    USA        Narrative Short

 Venom    John Hayes    Ireland        Narrative Short

 Wander    Joshua Clark    USA        Narrative Short

[/acc_item] [acc_item title="2005 Atlanta Film Festival"]A Plan    Tom Shroeder            Animated Short

 Agricultural Report    Melina Sydney Padua            Animated Short

 Catching Kringle    Jeff Wadlow            Animated Short

 Dentist    Signe Baumane            Animated Short

 Elegy    Nadine Takvorian            Animated Short

 Flyaway    Danny Oakley            Animated Short

 Handshake    Patrick Smith            Animated Short

 Mr. Children-for-Hands    Robert Paraguassu            Animated Short

 Oedipus    Jason Wishow            Animated Short

 Of Burning Hills    Jason White            Animated Short

 S.P.I.C.: The Storyboard of My Life- Getting Suspended    Robert Castillo            Animated Short

 The Balloon    Satinder Singh            Animated Short

 The Journey    Chris Stover            Animated Short

 Anytown USA    Kristian Fraga    USA        Documentary Feature

 Code 33    Michael Kalinsky    USA        Documentary Feature

 Commune    Jonathan Berman    USA        Documentary Feature

 Damn Good Dog    Erica McCarthy    USA        Documentary Feature

 Deep Blue    Alastair Fothergill, Andy Byatt    Germany        Documentary Feature

 Emmanuel's Gift    Lisa Lax, Nancy Stern    USA        Documentary Feature

 Highway Courtesans    Mystelle Brabbee    India/USA        Documentary Feature

 Kill Your Idols    S.A. Crary    USA        Documentary Feature

 La Sierra    Scott Dalton, Margarita Martinez    Columbia        Documentary Feature

 MANA- Beyond Belief    Peter Friedman, Roger Manley    USA        Documentary Feature

 March of the Penguins    Luc Jacquet    France        Documentary Feature

 Mardi Gras: Made in China    David Redmon    USA        Documentary Feature

 Murderball    Henry Alex Rubin, Dana Adam Shapiro    USA        Documentary Feature

 Occupation: Dreamland    Garrett Scott, Ian Olds    USA        Documentary Feature

 Pucker Up    Kate Davis, David Heilbroner    USA        Documentary Feature

 Rize    David LaChappelle    USA        Documentary Feature

 Seoul Train    Jim Butterworth, Aaron Lubarsky, Lisa Sleeth    Korea        Documentary Feature

 Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party    Robert Brinkmann    USA        Documentary Feature

 The Boys of Baraka    Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady    USA        Documentary Feature

 The Education of Shelby Knox    Marion Lipschutz, Rose Rosenblatt    USA        Documentary Feature

 The Liberace of Baghdad    Sean McAllister    UK        Documentary Feature

 Three of Hearts    Susan Kaplan, David Friedson    USA        Documentary Feature

 Troop 1500    Ellen Spiro    USA        Documentary Feature

 Twist of Faith    Kirby Dick    USA        Documentary Feature

 Unknown White Male    Rupert Murray    UK        Documentary Feature

 William Eggleston in the Real World    Michael Almereyda    USA        Documentary Feature

 ARCOA- The Spirit of Clara Barton    Ryan Dunn            Documentary Short

 Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie    Bailey Barash            Documentary Short

 How I Learned to Speak Turkish    Therese Shechter            Documentary Short

 In the Shadow of the Empire State    Justin Cruse            Documentary Short

 La Vision    Roberto Arevalo            Documentary Short

 Last Dance    Greg Samata            Documentary Short

 9 Songs    Michael Winterbottom    UK        Narrative Feature

 Apres Vous    Pierre Salvadori    France        Narrative Feature

 Cote d'Azur    Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau    France        Narrative Feature

 Cronicas    Sebastian Cordero    Ecuador        Narrative Feature

 Dead Man's Shoes    Shane Meadows    UK        Narrative Feature

 Duck Season (Temporada de Patos)    Fernando Eimbcke    Mexico        Narrative Feature

 Evil (Ondskan)    Mikael Hafstrom    Sweden        Narrative Feature

 Hooligans    Lexi Alexander    UK/USA        Narrative Feature

 Hustle and Flow        USA        Narrative Feature

 Josh Jarman    Pip Mushin    Australia        Narrative Feature

 Keane    Lodge Kerrigan    USA        Narrative Feature

 Lila Says (Lila dit ca)    Ziad Doueiri    France        Narrative Feature

 Loggerheads    Tim Kirkman    USA        Narrative Feature

 Lonesome Jim    Steve Buscemi    USA        Narrative Feature

 Love, Ludlow    Adrienne Weiss    USA        Narrative Feature

 Me and You and Everyone We Know    Miranda July    USA        Narrative Feature

 Mitchellville    John D. Harkrider    USA        Narrative Feature

 Most High    Marty Sader    USA        Narrative Feature

 Mutual Appreciation    Andrew Bujalski    USA        Narrative Feature

 Not on the Lips    Alain Resnais    France/Switzerland        Narrative Feature

 On the Outs    Lori Silverbush, Michael Skolnik    USA        Narrative Feature

 Pretty Persuasion    Marcos Siega    USA        Narrative Feature

 Pulse    Kiyoshi Kurosawa    Japan        Narrative Feature

 Saint Ralph    Michael McGowan    USA        Narrative Feature

 Somersault    Cate Shortland    Australia        Narrative Feature

 Southern Belles    Paul S. Myers, Brennan Shroff    USA        Narrative Feature

 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance    Park Chanwook    Korea        Narrative Feature

 The Beat that My Heart Skipped    Jacques Audiard    France        Narrative Feature

 The Dying Gaul    Craig Lucas    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Edukators    Hans Weingartner    Germany/Austria        Narrative Feature

 The Fall of Fujimori    Ellen Perry    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Lady From Stockholm    Evan Lieberman, Eddy Von Mueller    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Puffy Chair    Jay Duplass    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Talent Given Us    Andrew Wagner    USA        Narrative Feature

 The Thing About My Folks    Raymond DeFelitta    USA        Narrative Feature

 The World    Jia Zhangke    China        Narrative Feature

 Three...Extremes    Fruit Chan, Park Chanwook, Takashi Miike    Japan/China/Korea        Narrative Feature

 Two Twleve    Anthony Ng    USA        Narrative Feature

 Unconscious    Joaquin Oristrell    Spain/Portugal/Itlay/Germany        Narrative Feature

 Yes    Sally Potter    UK        Narrative Feature

 Among Thieves    Oscar Daniels            Narrative Short

 Apartment 206    Gregory Zymet            Narrative Short

 Bagelized    Matthew Bonifacio            Narrative Short

 Boy-Next-Door    Travis Davis            Narrative Short

 Broadcast 23    Tom Putnam            Narrative Short

 Call Center    Amyn Kaderiali            Narrative Short

 Dead End Job    Samantha Davidson Greene            Narrative Short

 Frat Boy    Spencer Ho    USA        Narrative Short

 Graffito    Calvin Burgamy, Megan Williams    USA        Narrative Short

 Gunmetal Gray    Ryan Prows    USA        Narrative Short

 Heaven is a Place that Starts with "H"    Tricia Lee            Narrative Short

 Help Wanted    Ryan Mooney            Narrative Short

 Life Ride    Lance Slaton            Narrative Short

 Marty    Courtney Looney            Narrative Short

 Max    James O'Keefe            Narrative Short

 Moondance    Will Bigham            Narrative Short

 My Name Is...    Don Handfield            Narrative Short

 Old Tricks    Christopher Glass            Narrative Short

 On the Cliffs    Lisa M. Perry            Narrative Short

 Once Upon a Jedi    Ly Bolia    USA        Narrative Short

 Parked and Empty    Eric Blue    USA        Narrative Short

 Portrait of a Zombie    Robert Paraguassu    USA        Narrative Short

 Prayers From Pelham    Ruckus Skye    USA        Narrative Short

 Quitters    Henry Miller            Narrative Short

 Rumble    Dahlia Wilde            Narrative Short

 Samuel DeMango    Everett Aponte            Narrative Short

 State of Grace    Ron Mayes    USA        Narrative Short

 The Act    Susan Kraker            Narrative Short

 The Tourist    Jeff Israel, James Israel            Narrative Short

 The Truth About Head    Dale Heslip            Narrative Short

 There's Something About Meryl    Bernie Van De Yacht            Narrative Short

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