Our roaming selection of immersive works will delight, amaze and thrust you into new dimensions.

Available at SOUND+VISION (Open to the Public), with 360 galleries at Opening and Closing Night Parties (Badge and Ticketholders Only).

Meeting a Monster
Directed by Gabriela Arp
USA, 2018, English, 9:57
Angela King relives the memories and motivations of the eight years she spent inside the white power movement, and the path she took to get out.
#Georgia #NewMavericks

My Africa
Directed by David Allen
Kenya/USA/United Kingdom, 2018, English, 9:17
Narrated by Academy Award-winning and Kenyan- raised actress Lupita Nyong’o, “My Africa,” transports viewers to the untamed rangelands of northern Kenya, where a community is reknitting the bonds that have long enabled people and wildlife to coexist.

The Evolution of Testicles
Directed by Ryan Hartsell
USA/Ireland/England, 2018, English, 8:55
Two parts humor, one part emotion, this salty-sweet VR piece starring Chris O’Dowd raises awareness about testicular cancer through laughter and inspiration.

Blue Bird
Directed by Parnaz Rad
USA, 2018, English, 2:37
A lone bluebird tries to escape from the caverns of a withered heart. The scars of the heart tell a lifetime of stories.

Plomo: Journey of a Bullet
Directed by Giulia Jiménez Tani
USA/Venezuela, 2018, Spanish/English, 2:50
You are the bullet fired by a GNB policeman into the middle of a protesting crowd in Caracas, Venezuela. Inspired by true events.
#CineMás #Georgia

Tower of Babel by the Sea (海邊的巴別塔)
Directed by Feng Wei-Jung
Taiwan, 2018, English, 14:14
Enticed by the devil, a man tries to build his Tower of Babel to reach to the realm of the gods, yet in the process, he loses his health and his life. As pollution spreads like a pandemic, man is cursed, and nature is caught in a spiral of death. Inspired by Goethe’s Faust.

Flight of the Unwanted
Directed by Thomas Nybo
Bangladesh, 2018, English, 5:40
Enter the chaotic world of Rohingya refugees being forced from their homes in Myanmar into crowded refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Home with América
Directed by Alvaro Morales
Peru/USA, 2019, English, 12:00
Gladys, an undocumented immigrant living in L.A., left her native Peru 22 years ago. Gladys explores her connection to a place that she cannot return to without risking the life she’s built in the US. (Only available at SOUND+VISION)
#CineMás #World Premiere

Due to the limited availability of this experience, we encourage that you plan ahead and arrive early. Admission will be first come first serve, with minimum one film at a time. The viewing sessions can last between 3-14 minutes, depending on the film.