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directed by Jimena Montemayor Loyo
Mexico, 2017, Spanish, 93 minutes

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 6:00 PM — Hilan Theatre

In the wake of losing their father and patriarch, a family drifts aimlessly through life. The mother, Carmen, struggles with depression and the task of caring for her children in the wake of her abandonment. Disappointed by the adults in her life, oldest daughter Ana shuts down while her brother opens himself up to the mysterious otherworldly figure that has suddenly appeared in his life. Together, the family will have to grow and let go of their fears in order to survive.
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Cast + Credits
Director: Jimena Montemayor Loyo
Cast: Dolores Fonzi, Paulina Gil, Diego Aguilar, & Rubén Zamora
Writer: Jimena Montemayor Loyo
Cinematography: María Secco
Editing: Ana Castro
Producers: Victor Leycegui, Pablo Zimbrón, & Luis Arenas