When She Runs.jpg

directed by Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
USA/Denmark, 2018, English, 71 minutes

Saturday, April 21, 2018, 4:00 PM — Hilan Theatre

Kirstin, a young wife and mother, competes for a spot in the the Olympic trials. In her quest to win, she sacrifices it all as she moves out of her house and leaves behind her husband and young son. While her marriage and finances suffer, she trains obsessively, embarking on a strict diet, exercise and motivational plan she hopes will bring her to Olympic gold.

Cast + Credits
Directors: Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
Cast:  Kirstin Anderson, Ivan Gehring, & Jonah Graham
Writer: Robert Machoian, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, & Kirstin Anderson
Cinematography: Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
Editing: Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck
Producer: Laura Heberton