(Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititii, 2014)



A weird and wacky balm for the soul.

Narrative, Animation, & Documentary, 68 minutes
Thursday, April 19, 2018, 12:00am ⎯⎯⎯ Plaza Theatre

Me Olemme Unessa (We are in a Dream) | directed by Henna Välkky & Eesu Lehtola, Finland, 6:15
Based on personal recordings of people narrating their recurring dreams and nightmares, we race through their unconscious desires and fears.

Miedo De Monos (Fear of Monkeys) | directed by Michael Arcos, USA, 5:35
My father told me a story about why he is afraid of monkeys. His fear dates back to 1958 in Ecuador. This is what happened...

Ceviche | directed by Doménica García, USA, 9:37
Six women from different generations reveal the hidden emotions behind the preparation of Ceviche.
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Stay Ups | directed by Joanna Rytel, Sweden, 11:00
A middle-aged woman is about to get nightly visits from a young man. Her child is, as usual, in the way.
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Sinformist | directed by Jade Yuchun Chao, USA, 2:08
Each person is accompanied by a demon that represents his/her biggest faults. J is an average joe without any particular short…

Namoro à Distância (Long Distance Relationship) | directed by Carolina Markowicz, Brazil, 4:48
A brief story about a gentleman who's obsessed about having sex with ETs.

Raisin | directed by Danny Hunt, USA, 13:05
Two young sisters are abducted by strange creatures that pretend to be their parents.

Ai Zai Shi Jie Mo Ri (Love After Time) | directed by Tsai Tsung-han, Taiwan, 15:24
After a nuclear explosion, two mutant humans fall in love.