La Camilia

La Camilia

Saturday, April 21 & Sunday April, 22, 2018, 12PM to 8PM - DHCP Blackbox

Virtual Reality returns with an upgrade. Enjoy an immersive selection of interactive, animated, documentary and other thrilling experiences.

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Directed by Grayson Moore, Aidan Shipley, Jon Riera, & Connor Illsley
Canada, 2017, English 14:34
Two strangers show up at a family's cottage claiming to have spent their childhood summers there, but their behaviour seems to be driven by something more sinister than nostalgia.

Lá Camila
Directed by Jak Wilmot
USA, 2018, English, 20:00
When the storms of nature threaten her very existence, the viewer must help a young shepherd girl take on the responsibilities of her deceased papá.

Directed by Catherine Salkeld
UK, 2017, English, 6:30
A short adventure where we follow the adventures of Claw a simple cat exploring a mysterious fragment of a forgotten world.

Reading Room
Directed by Alexander Sandy White
USA, 2017, English, 5:09
Driven to protect his identity, an introspective bookkeeper explores the power of thought and memory within a broken world of book burning and censorship.

Ready to Learn, Ready to Live
Directed by Thomas Nybo
USA/Afghanistan, 2017, English, 5:30
In remote Afghanistan, an illiterate girl takes you on her journey to learn how to read and write.

Step to the Line
Directed by Ricardo Laganaro
USA/Brazil, 2017, English, 11:43
Step to the Line takes you inside maximum-security prisons in the US and provides a new perspective on prisoners, the system, and yourself.

Directed by Nishtha Jain
India, 2016, Hindi/English, 8:10
An immersive experience about how climate change and defective government policies are precipitating one of the largest exoduses of migrant labour in the world.

Naive New Beaters 'Heal Tomorrow'
Directed by Romain Chassaing
France, 2016, English, 3:48
Follow the story of Naive New Beaters’ singer through his spectacular rise and unfortunate demise in a series of events during a live performance.

Directed by Cecilia Sweet-Coll
USA, 2016, No Dialogue, 6:06
An exploration of impermanence through visual music in virtual reality.

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Due to the extremely limited availability of this experience, we strongly encourage that you plan ahead and arrive early. We will be able to accommodate a limited amount of guests per hour. Admission will be first come first serve. The viewing sessions will last 45 minutes at the top of each hour, and you will have the opportunity to curate your experience with our program.

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