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directed by Jennifer Socorro, Edwin Corona Ramos, & David Alonso
Venezuela/USA/Mexico/Jordan, 2018, Spanish/English, 81 minutes

Saturday, April 21, 2018, 12:15 PM — Hilan Theatre

In a country torn apart by political and economic upheaval, a team of young women finds refuge in a sport that rises above their personal poverty and gendered social status. But when this new soccer team goes undefeated in all of South America, these women find themselves in the position to win Venezuela's first World Cup and gain a new acceptance and voice in their home country. 
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Cast + Credits
Jennifer Socorro, Edwin Corona Ramos, & David Alonso
Cast: Deyna Castellanos, Daniuska Rodriguez, Yerliane Moreno, Veronica Herrera, & Sandra Luzardo  
Cinematography: David Alonso
Editing: Enrique Aranguren & Keyla Bernal
Producers: Jennifer Socorro

Screens with short film:

Laws of the Game | directed by Aegina Brahim, United Kingdom/Suriname, 18:00
A fierce Surinamese female referee fights for her place in the world of men's football.
#Competition #NewMavericks