directed by Alena Lodkina
Australia, 2017, English, 85 minutes

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 4:00 PM — Hilan Theatre

When Milena learns her estranged father has fallen ill, she travels to the remote opal mining community he calls home. Crossing paths with many of the fellow male miners, Milena discovers the opals themselves are not nearly the most colorful facet of this freedom oasis. As the bond between father and daughter strives to mend, Milena discovers that the "here and now" may be far more valuable than any unearthed gem.
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Cast + Credits
Director: Alena Lodkina
Cast: Kate Cheel, Daniel P Jones, & Justin Courtin
Writers: Alena Lodkina & Isaac Wall
Cinematography: Michael Latham
Editing: Luca Cappelli
Producers: Kate Laurie & Isaac Wall