2018 ATLFF - Georgia Film (black).png

directed by Takashi Doscher
USA, 2018, English, 88 minutes

Saturday, April 21, 2018, 2:45 PM — Woodruff Arts Center, Rich Auditorium

When Lily (Madeline Brewer) loses her way on a hike through the Appalachian wilderness, she finds rescue in the form of a peculiar married couple, Ella (Lydia Wilson) and Adam (Nick Blood), who have completely isolated themselves from the outside world. As the couple nurses Lily back to health, she begins to discover evidence of a dark and dangerous secret a century in the making. As Ella and Nick's mystery begins to unravel, Lily comes to understand the couple's desperation to keep themselves hidden from the world.
#Georgia #WorldPremiere

Cast + Credits
Director: Takashi Doscher
Cast:  Lydia Wilson, Madeline Brewer, & Nick Blood
Writer: Takashi Doscher
Cinematography: Philip Wages
Editing: David Pergolini
Producers: Alex P. Creasia, Takashi Doscher, Craig Miller, Gabrielle Pickle, Matthew Murdoch (Executive) & Joshua Dent (Executive)