directed by Katie Orr
USA, 2017, English, 89 minutes

Saturday, April 14, 2018, 4:45 PM — Plaza Theatre

Jane is a stay at home mom who has just realized she doesn’t love her husband anymore. She decides to bid her family adieu for the holidays and spends her time reconnecting with herself by dating other men, reconnecting with old flames, and writing poetry. When the holidays are over, Jane must choose between her new life or the one she left behind.
#Georgia #NewMavericks

Cast + Credits
Director: Katie Orr
Cast: Brandy Burre, Robert Longstreet, & Mike Lutz
Writer: Katie Orr
Cinematography: Bill Burton & Nate Hurtsellers
Editing: Adam Pinney
Producers: Alex Orr & David Swinburne

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