directed by Julien Mauranne & Victor Guillon
France/Peru, 2017, Spanish/Shipibo, 60 minutes

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 2:00 PM — Hilan Theatre

Curious about urban life outside of their rural Peruvian village, two teenage brothers of the Amazonian Shipibo Indians leave for Lima to chase their dreams. Aware of the sage advice and dutiful hesitation of their parents, the boys arrive only to discover that dark realities are hiding inside a booming metropolis. Together, they'll have to make their own way and reconcile their desire for modernity with an ancestral knowledge that is soon to be theirs.
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Cast + Credits
Julien Mauranne & Victor Guillon
Cast: Giancarlo Inuma Urquia, Nils Leonardo Inuma Urquia, Clotilde Urquia Bardales, Leonardo Inuma Peso, Liz Amafina Inuma Urquia, & Maximo Urquia Ramirez
Writers: Victor Guillon & Julien Mauranne
Cinematography: Julien Mauranne
Editing: Bruno Joucla
Producers: Balthazar de Ganay

Screens with short film:

The Last Honey Hunter directed by Ben Knight, Nepal/USA, 35:50
In the mist-shrouded mountains of Nepal’s Hongu River valley, you will find a wiry and unassuming man named Mauli Dhan Rai, who is believed to be chosen by the gods for the perilous rite of honey harvesting.