directed by Joel Fendelman
USA, 2017, English, 54 minutes

Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 8:00 PM — Hilan Theatre

Grand Saline seemed like your average small town in Texas until the day when Charles Moore, an elderly white preacher, publicly set himself on fire to protest the town's long history of racism. Catapulted to the spotlight by this powerful act of self-harm, the ordinary small town of Grand Saline was asked to address its storied past. What was recorded instead is a town's deeply rooted internal divisions and an overwhelming attempt to ignore and vehemently deny any wrongdoing by many members of Grand Saline’s mostly white population.

Cast + Credits
Joel Fendelman
Cast: Ron Blanton
Writer: Joel Fendelman
Cinematography: Joel Fendelman & Caleb Kuntz
Editing: Joel Fendelman
Producers: Joel Fendelman, James Chase Sanchez, & Sullivan Rauzi