directed by Morrisa Maltz
USA, 2018, English, 52 minutes

Saturday, April 21, 2018, 2:30 PM — Hilan Theatre

Ingrid, a successful fashion designer and mother, dropped everything to create a new life for herself in the middle of the woods. Since then, she has carved out an isolated existence, surviving off her own wit and labor while creating art from the land she now calls home. But as Ingrid's past is uncovered in this meditative documentary, the question of what drives someone to leave a life of ordinary comforts to pursue a life spent in solitude comes to light.
#Competition #NewMavericks

Cast + Credits
Morrisa Maltz
Cast: Ingrid Gibson
Cinematography: Andrew Hajek
Editing: Vanara Taing & Laura Colwell
Producer: Morrisa Maltz