directed by Bridey Elliott
USA, 2018, English, 93 minutes

Monday, April 16, 2018, 9:15 PM — Dad’s Garage

Clara Reynolds is the under-appreciated matriarch of a family in the spotlight. Her husband is an aging comedian that is beginning to recognize his career may be behind him and her daughters are a pair of former child stars attempting to claim a place in the industry as adults. When the family reunites at their home in rural New England, Clara’s long tradition of being relegated to the sidelines drives her to a breaking point. Desperate for connection, Clara finally finds it with the ghost of a woman who only has eyes for her.

Cast + Credits
Bridey Elliot
Cast: Paula Niedert Elliott, Chris Elliott, Abby Elliott, Bridey Elliott, & Haley Joel Osment
Writer: Bridey Elliott
Cinematography: Markus Mentzer
Editing: Patrick Lawrence
Producers: Sarah Winshall & Rachel Nederveld

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