directed by Grayson Moore & Aidan Shipley
Canada, 2017, English, 84 minutes

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 7:00 PM — Plaza Theatre

Valerie has just returned home from a prison sentence served for a drunk driving accident that cost her neighbor his life. All Valerie wants is to return to a normal life with her husband and two daughters, but when her victim’s son shows up at her door it becomes clear that the past is not behind her. His lingering suspicions cast doubt on her motivations - was his father’s death an accident after all?

Cast + Credits
Grayson Moore & Aidan Shipley
Cast: Sheila McCarthy, Noah Reid, Grace Glowicki, Peter MacNeill, & Katie Boland
Writer: Grayson Moore
Cinematography: Jackson Parrell
Editing: Daniel Haack
Producers: Kristy Neville & Marianna Margaret