directed by Chico Colvard
USA/China, 2018, English/Chinese, 64 minutes

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 8:15 PM — Hilan Theatre

In the history of racism in the United States, one major physical manifestation of oppression has survived into the present, wrapped in the protective embrace of antiquity and historical preservation—black memorabilia. What was once a brand of trinket that played on racial stereotypes for the delight of white buyers, finds itself suspended in a limbo of race and time. As different forces in the United States fight to preserve, consume, and reclaim black memorabilia, the journey to address present day racism is only further complicated by industrialization in China and a desire to save cultural context for future generations.

Cast + Credits
Chico Colvard
Cast: Jian, Joy, & Alexandria
Writer: Chico Colvard
Cinematography: Chico Colvard
Editing: Chico Colvard & Hannah Buck
Producers: Madison O'Leary