directed by Elan Bogarín & Jonathan Bogarín
USA/Italy/Hungary, 2018, English/Italian, 94 minutes

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 4:45 PM — Plaza Theatre

After the loss of their grandmother, a brother and sister foray into the depths of magical realism to excavate and appreciate the home she left behind. Their journey examines an individual's microcosmic universe and the physical and emotional weight that indelibly carries on after a life ends. In this documentary, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary and a New Jersey home becomes a classical ruin to be revered by archaeologists, archivists and scientists alike.

Cast + Credits
Elan Bogarín & Jonathan Bogarín
Writer: Elan Bogarin, Jonathan Bogarin, & Nyneve Laura Minnear
Cinematography: Jonathan Bogarin, Elan Bogarin, & Alejandro Mejia
Editing: Nyneve Laura Minnear, Jonathan Bogarin, Elan Bogarin, & Troy Herion
Producers: Elan Bogarin, Jonathan Bogarin, & Judit Stalter